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Mitchell Leo Adams / Terra Nova Exotics Imports

I don't enjoy posting negative reviews, but feel that prospective buyers should know what they're getting themselves into.

I contacted Mitchell on January 16, 2016 regarding a reverse trio of U. fiera he had advertised on Facebook. He was very prompt with responding, getting me shipping quotes and the total amount owed. The shipment was postponed several times due to bad weather, which I understand after having shipped many reptiles/amphibians myself. He was going to ship the U. fiera on January 27th. I contacted him in the a.m. to see where things were at, which is when he informed me of the thermostat malfunction the night before. He didn't think that 2 of the 3 would make it, due to the massive temp. spike. Since they're such a temperamental species, and these were WC, I asked for a refund, which he agreed to do.

On January 28th he told me that "It may be a week or two before I can transfer it", his reasoning was that "Where we're still small, we haven't reached the point of carrying much of a payable balance. Our sales right now just get invested right back into our stock." To me, that's poor business practice to spend a customer's money before the animals are in their possession.

The supposed week or two turned into 2.5 months of me pestering and messaging him weekly for portions of a refund. When he refused to respond to my Facebook messages, I would call him, which seemed to kick him into gear to respond to my Facebook messages. The last payment for my refund I decided to wait and see if he would contact me first. After 3 weeks of silence, I sent him a message on April 4th, and again on April 6th. He would respond every few days, promising to send me the payment. On April 15th I threaten to report him to the Newfoundland Consumer Reporting Agency and police. A few hours later I received the last of my refund.

While I'm glad I did get my $775 back, I don't believe it should be this difficult to get what is rightfully mine. I'd caution anyone who plans to do business with Mitchell or Terra Nova Exotics.

Meko Walker