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Originally Posted by Junkyard View Post
He may not be the best with communication as you may "want", but dont underestimated him, he is more concerned about his animals than his buyers.
LOL so not contacting ANY of his buyers for months after accepting money from them counts as "not being the best with communication"? From what I have researched it looks like close to 10 buyers had to cancel their orders, have their banks or paypal refund them so they can go elsewhere..

If he is more concerned about his animals than his buyers, why is he even in the business of breeding and selling?

Honestly though, the lack of communication at this point has been non existent to the point that I am concerned for him and his well being.

Anyways, I have posted about this issue enough so this is my last post about it.

(For anyone else reading this that encounters an issue with Chameleon Co, go to FL Chams, response time is good, great animals, good reputation.)