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steve woodward
2018/2019 C.B. Mesopotamian Tortoises (Golden Greek)

Pure Testudo Graeca Terrestris
My adult males came from Cassandra Rosher (Sunland Breeders) stock, and my femailes are from Dr. Heather Bjorngbo DMV stock. The subspecies terrestris comes from both Syria and Jordan. I don't recommend hibernating this subspecies like people do with T.g.ibera. I only have young, almost ready to breed, males available at this time. I only take four types of payment: Postal money order, Paypal, Western Union and Walmart-to-Walmart. They are $300.00 each plus $55.00 shipping.
No tortoises under 4 inches will be sold to children, and no trades accepted.

Email: Caribbeanboa@yahoo.com
Text: (480)-519-9567
Ask for Steve
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