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setting up a breeding tank

i took a 10 gallon tank and half filled it. get the temp to 80. no higher than 82. get a corner filter. a tight fitting hood to prevent drafts. i use a divider when i introduce the pair before i put them together. i use lids from coffee cans, a half cut stryofoam cup, or floating plants. feed mom and pop live foods to get them good and ready a few weeks before intro. when the mating happens, take mom out. i usually give the tank a dose of an antibiotic and fungal treatment to protect the eggs. mom gets a dose of antibiotics if dad beat her up. dad stays until the the babies are free swimming(about day 3 of hatching) i have been having luck with liquid fry food and baby fry food i got online. i am also giving the baby brine shrimp that i hatch out. good luck