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Melodie Parkinson
David, the BCRC does have a policy that a vendor can not vend if there is an unresolved issue on the BOI. There still appears to be no mention of the vendor here. Hearsay is insufficient or there would be even fewer vendors at the shows. The board has always encouraged those with an issue to take it to the BOI so that they can act on it. Why those individuals have not is not for me to say. Making accusations helps no one.

Pete and I left for personal reasons, as previously stated. It is no one else's business why as it had nothing to do with the club nor the reptile community.

Board members sign confidentiality agreements and should not be discussing anything said during closed board meetings with anyone outside the board. The board acts as a single entity, based on the information available at the time a discussion is taking place.

The club is an incorporated non profit organization. All directors are volunteers and never compensated for their time and efforts in running the club and holding the shows, appearing at pet expos, etc.

An announcement was made before the show in question reminding people to maintain strict quarantine procedures as there had been recent cases of IBD and yellow fungus locally.


Melodie Parkinson
Former Secretary Treasurer of The BC Reptile Club