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Speaking from personal experience, I believe this kind of infection will be spread fairly easily via the public school system. States pay school systems based on daily attendance, not by the number of students enrolled. Many school systems use incentives such as prizes, ice cream parties, and the like to encourage perfect attendance in order to boost the funding they receive, and they sometimes use peer pressure by penalizing the entire class if one student is absent.

When you couple the incentive for showing up in class, with some little kid's idea of wiping his nose if a kleenex is not actually in his hand at that moment, which is to wipe the snot off his face with the back of his hand and then wipe his hand on the desk top, it wouldn't take long for a community to become ill.
Yeah, little doubt about that. In second place behind the mosquito, I think the school system is about the most effective disease vector system known to man. Seems like if one child gets sick, then every other person in his or her class gets sick too. Which, of course, they bring back to their all other family members in the household. One of the first steps government should do with a potential pandemic is to just close the schools. All of them, indefinitely. Then close all of the Walmarts.