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Virii aren't airborn in and of themselves. They travel via vapor droplets, dust particles, etc. and the masks can filter those.

You can also pick them up by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. A mask will help prevent that contact.
Absolutely. But don't forget your eyes. They are another conduit that a virus can use to infect you. Whenever you are out in public areas, pretend that you just cleaned up the messiest snake cage you have ever seen in your life, and your hands are covered with fecal material. Everything you touch will be contaminated until you wash your hands.

Heck, I'm thinking back that I got a package delivered around 15 days ago that came directly from China. I guess I passed through the test period as to whether that package had something unwanted on it. I didn't know all about this stuff then. Now, well, I'm not ordering anything that even might be coming from China. Nope...