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Originally Posted by Mad4You2
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I've spent several hours reading your posts. I had a necropsy done on Etouffee when she died last month. I spoke with the vet at Texas A&M College of Vet Medicine today and told her that my vet told me that Adenovirus was negative, but I do not see those words in the necropsy report. She told me that she did the advanced studies herself and she was positive that there were no signs of adenovirus in any of the organ tissue samples that were examined. She is amending her conclusion on the report to state that.

We do know conclusively what caused Etouffee's death, egg stasis and aspiration pneumonia. The lab did not find any signs of Adenovirus. They did not run DNA testing. So what can we conclude from this? She was a negative dragon? I spent a ton of money and we still don't know because they could have missed the Adenovirus on the advanced studies? Do I know anything more than she is dead and I have a clutch of eggs that might be infected?

What an insidious disease.
Hi Angie,
I'm not sure you can really conclude anything regarding Adenovirus, but I'm very sorry for your loss.
There are some options for you with the babies once they hatch. You can clutch test the babies via fecal EM fairly inexpensively or you can have your vet contact Dr. Jacobson regarding clutch testing via PCR. In the end, its just a preliminary result though. I wish someone could give you a better answer than that.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Here's hoping for a bunch of healthy, thriving babies.