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Originally Posted by Mad4You2
Hi Denise,

Thanks for the condolences.

I have frozen poop in the freezer waiting to put it in the tubes to send to Illinois for EM testing from my 3 remaining adults. I had thought about sending fecals from the babies when they hatch to test them. I thought that I could get results from the EM and it would tell me if the 3 adults were positive or not, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

I had hoped to be able to tell anyone that wanted to get a baby that I had them tested for Adeno and they were negative but after reading all the research, I don't think you can ever say that with what is known about Adeno at this point.

It's all very discouraging. After reading everything I'm not sure any of it would be conclusive - maybe we'd have negatives this time, but is there even enough data to recommend the frequency and duration of follow up EM tests? How many negatives before they really are negative? From what I can tell by reading everything I can find, no one knows the answer.

I would like to say that you guys are really making people think and that's always a good way to start trying to make a difference. Thanks for that.
I have a lot of concerns about the EM testing, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. At this point, we know that there is even an unknown margin of error with PCR, that it takes repeated tests to know anything, and even that is not definite, its just a strong suggestion of true negative results.
It's all very frustrating.
Hopefully this time we'll manage to keep the conversation going because that's how we'll all find answers.
Good luck!