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Neverland Dragons
I emailed Dr. Jacobson and asked the following questons:

How many dragons were tested? From how many colonies? How many were suspected of having adenovirus and were showing some type of symptoms? How many were otherwise healthy and the owner was testing to see if they carried the virus? What part of the U.S. were the dragons from? Where were the breeders located that they originated from? Was it more prevalent in some areas of the country? What is the testing time period?

He emailed back and said I presented a number of very good questions but it is beyond their ability to provide answers to all of them. He also said many people provide samples without giving them detailed background on their animals.

I was really hoping to get some solid numbers that would support the conclusions in their paper. I do not doubt that this is wide spread. I am just hoping that as more time passes, we will continue to discuss this and more information will be discovered.

Dr. Jacobson also said that he intends to do some research on whether or not the virus is transmitted through the egg. I am looking forward to seeing what he finds out.