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Motor City Dragons
Originally Posted by Cat_72
I suppose that is possible...or end up wiping out most of the Beardie population in general. But until that point, as it continues to grow more and more prevalent, and the supposed "genetically superior" animals evolve, what do we do with all of the less fortunate, "non-genetically superior" animals we keep pumping out? You know, the ones who DO get sick and die, and suffer in the process. The ones that break people's hearts when they do all they can, but their pets wither and die regardless?
I don't know, and that's exactly why I'm not doing it.

Originally Posted by Cat_72
Unless I am mistaken, I believe Dr. Jacobsen specifically recommended NOT breeding positive dragons. I'd call that a starting line drawn.
If it's a line, how can you tell where the line is? Does it mean don't breed dragons that have tested positive, or does it mean only breed dragons that have tested negative?

Not breeding a dragon that has tested positive is easy enough, but what do you do with a negative test? How many times do you need to test negative before it's ok to go ahead and breed?

What happens when you breed two that have tested negative, who later test positive, and you've just made a whole bunch of those "non-genetically superior" animals? Despite all good intentions, you still would have the same end result as someone who knowingly bred two positive animals.

Some times I'm actually happy to not be doing this any more.