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Shedding in Florida Snapping Turtles

Hello Everyone!

I have a question that I'm hoping someone can answer for me. I have had two baby Florida Snapping Turtles since early March. I'm currently keeping them in a 40 gal breeder but I have different tub/stock tanks ready for them when they are larger. The tank has a 511 Zoo Med external canister filter, an underwater heater that I keep between 76-80 F., and a 100 watt heat lamp + UV bulb dual lamp. Both turtles seem to be doing well; both eat well (though one seems to be much less shy and seems slightly bigger) on floating sticks, they have those vitamin/calcium block things. What is concerning me is that I've noticed both turtles with small, flakey pieces of skin coming off of their necks, legs, tails- basically any skin. It reminds me of when a snake or lizard sheds... I've owned many snakes and lizards over the past decade, but these two are my first turtles. I've googled it many times but I keep finding articles on the SHELL shedding (scutes) but not the skin.

Is this normal for a growing turtle or is this a bigger health or husbandry issue? Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated! These two are so cool, and I want to provide the best care possible.