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Thanks Elena and April. I agree that The snake might be a good pet. And, yes, I have studied some photos of Sunsets, And I suspect that the one I saw might be that. But I only want pure, documented animals for my own collection. (My collection stands at ONE for the moment!) It might not matter now, but in the future, I may have the opportunity to pair my snake(s) up for breeding. I understand color morphs being popular, But I'm not a fan of hybrids. I did check on Vin Russo's site and it looks like he is sold out of both. But I will see if I can get on a waiting list for next year. My Longicauda (My locality collection!) is from a Vin Russo line parent, So I'm familiar with him and the work he has done. I mean, he wrote the book! Again, thank you for your help and information. Let me know if either of you have any babies in the future.