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Dave deserves a big bump. BUMP.

Dave is indeed a Great Guy. I bought a male and female from him yesterday at the 13th Annual NBHS Reptile Bazaar and Dave was fantastic to work with. He has the respect of people whom I respect, and several of them noticed me at his booth, and approached me to give him a respect and suggest that he'd be a good person to listen to. I'm very glad I did, I ended up with an excellent pair of snakes at a great price, complete with feed/shed records. And of course, because of his killer website, I have baby pics of them both, and pics of the parents I can reference anytime, for when they are old enough to plan the breeding possibilities (ok, so I started that last night...). And I learned more talking with him, and his wife, than I thought there was to know about BRB's, and breeding in general. When I got there, the specific snake I wanted was not available, but through hearing what Dave had to say about all his breeders, and their traits, and how pairings might turn out he helped me to find the right combination of animals, and I am much happier with these snakes potentials than with the snake(s) I had originally planned on getting.

I e-mailed him that night, and we had a very informative series of exchanges - after a long show, and his long drive home on a holiday. This morning I had a small concern with the male and e-mailed Dave an inquiry. He again returned the e-mail, and provided me with good advice, and reassurance about the problem (the silly snake missed me when it struck and got a face-full of coconut coir! Would have been funny if I didn't go through impaction anxiety...). This was on a Sunday morning. Allow me to repeat that. A Sunday morning. 'Nuff said.

I am glad to have checked around and researched BRB's and Dave in particular. There are a lot of nice snakes out there, but Dave is the deal maker. I could go on at length, but it let it be said Dave has one very satisfied customer here. Thanks to the Collings and to Dave for the work and dedication, the outstanding customer service and for the willingness to share your knowledge and wisdom. The Reptile Industry, and Business in general, is well represented in Rainbows-R-Us Reptiles, and by Dave and his family.