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More proof

He had made a post on his fb page, later deleted it. I copied the whole thing. It's 50 pages long
How can I share it.
How can I share the whole conversation of out private messages?
Would I have to ss it all and post as photos ?

He has also made comments like "if you needed money and asked me nicely"
I was never rude to him. But I don't worship the ground he walks on like many people do. But still think he needs to get off his high horse , freshen up his people skills and needs to learn how to treat people (that he thinks are below him ) with respect. He is not a reptile god. He just a
person like we all are.

His final offer to settle this was to offer me only the 400 that I spent on the 4 tickets. I bought 4 tickets to win a raffle to win an albino tegu to be prodiced by him , to be delivered in July and or 3,000 out of his own pocket. The other 2 winners he gave an albino purple to but refused to give me the same prize.
And still refuses to give me the prize that I won!!