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I don't know a lot about Canadian income tax law. Here in the U.S., one can sometimes take a deduction for bad debts.
The sweet part is that you can write the Canadian income tax entities with a detailed account of what happened, maybe even a copy of this thread, (and definitely Robert's excellent list of contact info) and ask them.

The deduction may be small if it is allowed, but when government entities get that sort of info, they will scope out his tax returns and they can be very effective at raining hell on people who are both slimy and have neglected some of their taxes. (I don't know if he has, but if he is scamming everyone else, he might have tried to scam the tax collectors as well) and they will send his info around to other government entities after they've rained all the hell they can on him in their department.

While you are considering your options, this is sort of a sweet, free way to send some potential trouble his way, and he certainly deserves it, in my opinion