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I just Shipped a Lizard to Miami from NV**

Here is what happened. I marked it please keep 65-75 F (live harmless baby lizard) I shipped it using my account. they accepted the box no problems at the Fedex terminal directly behing the Airport. Next day by 10:30 am. 3lbs. cost me over $40.00 had (1) 20 hr and (1) 40 hr. heatpack. Thank God, I added the 40 hr. they lost the box at thier Memphis Tenn. Terminal. called all the way up the ladder even spoke to James Brown. whom said we don't ship animals/reptiles. I told them that's strange all the other carriers ship tortoises, lizards fish, or all of the abo ve. UPS, USPS, Airborne. So I spoke to a lady whom said they do accept reptiles. But have no guarantee. etc. they can only refund my shipping Cost. (anyway I rec'd a Blue Cayman/ Cross. Father came from Blair. via USPS. I called my local P.O. for my zipcode. and asked them to hold their and call me. So I ended up calling in b4 they were able to call me and it was sitting on a Nice Lady's desk. And she told me to ask for her. I showed my I.D. picked up my Lizard. and it cost less to than 1/2 the price of Fedex.) Fedex agreed to try and get the pkg to Miami
the following day by 8am. Per fedex tracking it left Tenn. at 3:25pm. So I assume it's on the way to Miami now.
** The post office on the other hand, will allow you to insure the animal etc. So maybe you folks may want to speak to the proper folks at USPS.***With Fedex, You are on your own it looks like. I never had a problem b4 with Fedex shipping other items, until I marked a Box ( Live Harmless Lizard ) coincidence?? Your guess is as good as mine*********Well that's my 2 cents and Feb 18th shipping experience. I have used UPS, Airborne in the past. No issues with UPS. Airborne toss of the coin. mostly good. but there official book only allows Tortoises, go figure.