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Brian Oakley
If I may respond to this.
First, it is very difficult to request something to be kept at a certain temp. That is why it is up to US to add heat or cold packs to our shipments. I am surprised you would request this knowing that these warehouses that shipments go through, at times and places, are not that warm or even that cool depending on the place. I guarantee you, even with a/c, that some types of warehouses they have here in Phx. would cook a lizard.
Second, I am glad that it turned out for you when using/dealing with USPS, but the same thing has happened to people with their services as well and end result could have been that FedEx did a great job. This is something that was brought up early on in the discussions about shipping. It is the risk we take when shipping live animals.
Third, you are correct, FedEx will not guarantee the life or well being of the animal being shipped. I know for a fact that this will be clearly stated in the contract I sign with FedEx when i get it.
Forth, just because other companies ship turts/torts/lizards does not mean they all have to. That is the policy that the (any of them) company inforces and I as well as others have to respect that.

I think the bottom line is, and this is just a general statement, that we need to be profession, tret people like professionals, if what we want in return is to be respected as a whole, community of professionals.

Just my thoughts!

Glad your Cayman made it safely and I hope the lizard gets to Miami ok!