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Now appearing: The Crazy Cat Lady

Greetings, my scaly friends.

I have been lurking for some time at a number of places, and am finally making an appearance.

My name is Jess, and am entering, tremulously but with much excitement, into the world of breeding ball pythons. I've been interested in snakes for as long as I can remember, but just got my first one, a normal male ball, last year. He has brought me tremendous joy, and now I want more. So I've been browsing a lot, and am gradually acquiriing more snakes.
At the moment, I have my adult normal male named Wilberforce, an '06 100% het albino male, one '06 normal female, two '05 normal females, and an adult female of indeterminate age in very poor condition, who I purchased from a crappy petstore (even though I know better) because I felt so sorry for her. I have purchased two more '05 normal females who will be shipped as soon as my new rack arrives. I prefer the reduced/banded looking ones over the "alien-heads"...I don't know if these girls will pass that on or not, but I hope so. If not, well, at least I"ll still have pretty things to look at. :-)

In the morphs, I loooove axanthics and pinstripes, and will own some someday. In the meantime, I'll play about with making albinos and see how that goes. :-)

I also do a lot of cat/dog rescue, and live with three dogs, seven cats, two foster dogs, four foster kittens, and one extremely patient boyfriend.