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Jeffrey Riberio – Reptile Edge/New Caledonian Geckos

I have purchased animals and enclosures from Jeffrey Ribeiro several times but will not be doing business with him any longer.

Jeff had a special “BOGO” deal for his acrylic Repti-Vivs – buy three and get one free. I purchased six 12x12x18 acrylic Repti-Vivs and asked for my three free ones to also be 12x12x18 sizes. A few weeks after I placed my order, Jeff contacted me and explained that he was temporarily sold out of 12x12x18 size vivariums. Jeff offered to send me three smaller size vivariums for free until the three I wanted were back in stock. I thought it was nice of Jeff to offer three smaller size vivs as temporary replacements so I told him I didn’t mind waiting until the 12x12x18 size vivs I needed came in. This was more than a year and a half ago (see screenshot 1 for proof this discussion occurred).

Although I am happy Jeff still sent something, it wasn't what I originally ordered. I needed the 12x12x18 size vivariums a lot more than the smaller size ones.

It is now September, 2016 and I have STILL not received my 12x12x18 vivariums that Jeff promised me. I sent Jeff several messages via Facebook asking when he would be able to ship the vivariums I ordered. Each time I inquired, Jeff was “waiting for more shipments to come.” There was even a point on June 7th, 2015, when Jeff claimed “he had 4 vivariums left” and said he would send them – that never happened.

As months and months went by, I finally had enough and on May 30, 2016, I asked Jeff if he could instead send me three of his PVC cages because he was unable to bring in the acrylic vivariums and started up a PVC cage building side-business. Jeff agreed to make and send three PVC vivariums instead of the acrylic ones I had originally ordered (see screenshot for proof of conversation).

When the time came for the PVC vivariums to ship, I was informed that there was an issue with shipping and the PVC cages would not be sent out like planned. Jeff did not tell me the cause of the issue; he only said the PVC cages could not be shipped.

Jeff offered to send me three glass Zilla 28020 vivariums from Amazon. I told Jeff I was fine with that; as at this point I just wanted my vivariums so I could finally use them for my animals. Jeff sent a screenshot from Amazon of the order, so I assumed everything was fine and Amazon would ship them within a few weeks.

I still had not received my vivariums. I contacted Jeff, this time extremely frustrated, and said I would post on the BOI as this has been going on now for ALMOST TWO YEARS. Jeff was offended I “threatened” to go to the BOI but at this point, I feel like I don’t have much of a choice – it’s ridiculous that I have not received the cages I ordered back in 2014! I would hardly call it “threatening” after waiting as long as I have.

Jeff claimed the Amazon vivariums are on “backorder.” I checked Amazon.ca and all the small size Naturalistic terrariums/vivariums are listed as “in-stock.” Regardless, two weeks has passed since he claimed he placed the order and I have STILL not received anything.

I don’t like to cause trouble or bring negative attention to anyone but this is beyond unacceptable now. I am tired of dealing with this problem and hearing excuse after excuse.

Apparently, I am not the only person this has happened to.
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