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Robert Walker
This will also be placed in the Site Assistance & Feedback forum for any comments or concerns.

Deciding who to do business with online can be a challenge at times. Thankfully there are several profile indicators available to help you in your research. Understanding what all these boxes, numbers, colors, etc. mean may help in your decision process. Do I buy from this seller or that seller? Who do others trust and why? Etc.

Using these three hypothetical profiles, here are 10 areas associated with a person's profile up for your consideration:

1. Account Name & Tagline / Slogan:
Professional? Generic? Instill confidence?

2. Membership Coins:
Coins indicate if a member is a contributing/paying member of Fauna. This is one way that members separate themselves from their competition and establish further credibility. This also allows others to know that at a minimum, Fauna has had at least one successful Paypal transaction with this person.

3. Avatar:
Any attempt to brand themselves or demonstrate any level of marketing, professionalism, logo etc?

4. Location Field:
Do they have a complete City & State location field? Where does this person at least claim to be from?

5. Post Count:
How active is this member here on Fauna? Are they an integrated / established member of the Fauna community?

6. Name:
Do they have a complete First & Last name on their account? Who does this person at least claim to be?

7. Karma Rating:
How do others on Fauna rate this user's posts. Green boxes indicate positive ratings. Grey equal no rating, neither positive or negative. Red reflects negative karma ratings by other members of the site.

8. Trader Rating:
Paid members can rate each other showing both positive and negative transactions.

9. Trader Rating reviews:
By clicking Trader Rating you can expand the view and see a brief sentence or two about that specific transaction.

10. Board of Inquiry BOI:
Always look up potential buyers and sellers before you do business. Follow the search criteria as described in the above post.
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