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Wow! That is incredibly restrictive and unreasonable!
I had no idea it was that bad in Nevada.

Selling of ALL animals, which includes giving away, is illegal without 4 separate licenses.

Owning 3 or more animals of any species (except fish and invertebrates) will require a “fancier permit.”

Permit only allows 6 animals of any species to be kept; Cost is $50-$500;
Process is incredibly difficult and time-consuming with no guaranteed approval; Requires annual renewal and inspection from animal control.

Snake species that reach over 6’ will require an expensive and hard to obtain permit. This applies to baby snakes.

These snakes will require expensive liability insurance.

It will be illegal to buy a snake of these species in Las Vegas and take it outside of the city.

Violators will be fined $500-$1,000 and may face up to six months in jail.