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Michelle Cutler, (sugarhedgie), you should tell the truth about your only intention to get money from ty. you filed a small claim asking for 3,000, then you amended the small claim asking for 5,000, then you filed another complaint under chapter 93A asking for 10,000, then you sent a letter to IRCF asking for 5,000, so in total you wanna get 23,000 !!! This is extortion. You want to get rich by publishing your twisted side of the story. and you people, that make comments based on her dubious statements, should ask her to post a copy of both of her small claims, a copy of the chapter 93A claim, and the letter of extortion sent to IRCF. Additionally, this case is still pending in court, so don't be pre-judging because the judge hasn't decided this case yet. When I read the chats between you and ty, he offered to give you a tegu, but you refused. Obviously, you had the intention to refuse because you wanna extort money from him and from IRCF. so, look out guys, beware of people like Michelle Cutler....

I'm confused lizardguy101. Is this the supposed "lawyer" from the same IP address, as ty or ty??

First of all
"The tegu you offered to give me" was the one from an undisclosed breeder friend. (That was NOT what this raffle was for.)
if you only were a man of your word and gave me the tegu of 3,000 like you promised we wouldn't be where we are right now

So Let's keep the warning on you.
YOU failed to deliver MY prize!!! Or chose to because "you felt I was greedy"
You feeling that I was Greedy or not that does NOT give you the right to just NOT uphold your contract!!!

I have no idea where the total you came up with that you just said I wanted was 23,000

The letter that I wrote to the IRCF was posted on this thread. It definately is NOT trying to extort money. It was trying to get my prize.

The original small claims form was a few sentences and yes i asked for the $3,000 , the $400 for the tickets I purchaced and my 100 filing fees.

I couldn't keep up with your silly responses like lack of venue/juristriction, exrentions , proposterous answer (stating that you had until dec 31 to produce the tegu "that you had promised to deliver by July 2016"), counterclaim and extensions. ( when you asked for more time because you couldn't leave the farm to go to mass or your animals could or would die. But you were on vacation any way.
Because YOU gave the other 2 winners the "more expensive $5,000 T+ tegus" YES I modified my claim to ask for the value of the same tegu (the only one you said that YOU had produced) and YES because YOUR "business practices WERE indeed UNFAIR AND DECEPTIVE" under mass law I DID file a chapter 93 a on you. Which is within my right being a mass resident!!

It has already been stated that BECAUSE "the raffle" was an ILLEGAL RAFFLE and they are illegal in mass that The clerk in mass could only award me the 400 plus the 100 filing fees, they are giving me more time to Persue other avenues, in your state and Az.
Which I am doing.

Your response was again DEFLECTION!!!
None of this should matter because
you promoted a raffle,
I won,
you never produced MY prize

I'll ask you publicly here.

Ty Park just to settle this, are you willing to either give me one of the T+ albino tegus that YOU produced or the $3000 that you said you would in your original raffle ???