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Summer reptile job (Anywhere in US)

I would really like a summer job (June-end of August with occasional breaks to go home if not local) that involves reptiles that could further my experience, of which I have not too much; but I am not an "amateur." I have taken care of reticulated pythons, burmese pythons, blood pythons, Asian water monitors, savanna monitors, one CRAZY crocodile monitor, and some miscellaneous snakes and smaller lizards. I live in Massachusetts. However, I can get anywhere in the US as long as the reptile laws are fairly good (for the definition of 'good' please email) and I can find an apartment for a reasonable price that will allow me to bring my pets in the area. I really need a job that has to do with reptiles so I can get experience, as my parents will not let me have any more reptiles than I currently have (I'm 16). PM me here with offers or email me at flarginblarg@gmail.com and we can potentially talk on the phone. I have three reptiles of my own so husbandry is NOT at all an issue.

NOTE: I reposted this because I realized that I was able to relocate for the summer. If mods don't want this to be reposted, feel free to delete this. I'm sorry if I have broken any rules.