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Anyone interested in coordinating a chat about something either they have some knowledge about and want to discuss, or if someone has a question they would like to have discussed in real time is perfectly welcome to set that up.

I believe I have the calendar in this message board set up so that anyone can list public events on it. It can be accessed via the button at the right top section of the screen. So someone could simply pick a day and time and list it there. Of course, it may take a while for people to catch on using the calendar for this purpose, so perhaps initially listing such things here and in the appropriate forum might be worth doing.

Yes, the chat board is going to be kind of hit and miss for a while. Best I have seen was one time I logged on and there were six other people at the same time online. We all had a rather nice time, I think, and I thought the chat board showed some real potential.

When the time comes I feel it is worthwhile to spend the money for the REAL version, it will have a LOT more capability than this evaluation version.

Thanks for posting this in here.