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I'm very sorry you're dealing with this low life.

As a side note: Who said he's "reputable"? He's anything but and all the major suppliers and dealers don't sell anything to him anymore. He's a nobody.

I'll be very blunt. You won't get your money or your order. This is from talking with many of his customers and my own experience with his aggressive personality.

Avoid him as well as his business partner/friend Dan Perissinotto. They don't like when they don't get a small refund from someone, but when they owe their clients money (and they owe thousands at this point!), they will outright ignore them and throw profanity. Absolutely zero filter on their mouths.

Both of them used to call us YELLING and threatening this and that. Cops got involved.
We now record all phone conversations because of those two. I just wish we had that in place before. You wouldn't believe it if you heard it!

Screenshot Explanation:
Brian shipped a few golden tegus very carelessly this past winter and they perished in transit. He wouldn't replace the animals or refund them as well as the shipping to his client.
After that experience and hearing everyone else's experience with him as well as my own we placed him on our 'Do Not Service' list.
He had another shipment to go out the following week (iguanas), but we cancelled that and refunded his client the shipping amount as we knew he would just keep it for himself and not forward it to her. Again, based on knowing that's what he does. They weren't happy about that, and called 10 times a day, yelling all kinds of profanities. The screenshot is a SMALL taste of everything that went down.

You two are reasonably close to one another. Sue him in court and take all your text msgs etc with you and EMT screenshots. Should be a clear cut judgement.

But don't stress yourself out contacting him. It won't go anywhere.

P.s. He doesn't have a store. He does everything out of his house and he's very well known to by-law officers there with complaints from the public.
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