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George J. Ward
Auroa Hey there,listen while you are there in the a.m. just as it starts warming up you should be able to find many things coming out to bask. If it happens to rain while you are there the stuff should be jumpin everywhere,remember a lot of stuff is stll out breeding. Look for animals to be congregating under the rocks,just becareful where you put your fingers under the rocks. Also if you go out 1 hr before dark and start roadrunnin for the next 2-3 hours after your success rate should go up.Good Luck out there to you and your beau. By the way i am one of the leading experts on introduced exotics here in S.Florida as well as the native stuff. If the 2 of you get the chance to come to my neck of the woods,I'd be honored to take you guys out in the field here. Hit me up on my e-mail georgeward7416@yahoo.com or you guys are more than welcome to call me anytime @ (772-240-3456) Hope the 2 of you have a safe and great field time out there. I still haven't got to make it out there yet.Just most of the rest of the U.S.,Mexico and Puerto Rico,and Canada in the days of my youth 7-9yrs.old then,almost 50 now. ONCE AGAIN GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!