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After a lot of pages back and forth keep distracting everyone with the claim that the iguana was not the same.

From beginning i knew it's really hard for me to argue with Kameron White cause i don't have the iguana in hand anymore, and It's very easy to represent 2 different pictures , God know what were his pictures from as he's having many iguana. Event different degree of fire of the iguana will make same iguana look totally different. at This point everyone kinda have an idea of Kameron White's personnel. This guys was lied about so many things and i know he can do anything to make everyone believe the ppictures represent 2 different igu. After so many attempts, look like he can make some of you guys believe in him somehow.
But those was not the whole picture here , i didn't really tried to argue with him cause i know it's so easy for him to make 2 pictures look different, i clearly said :"If you are not happy with the iguana , send it back , I'll refund "

This guy was again lying about how we about to get to the solving point and holiday hit . No in his last email he sent me , he said it was enough with him and he took everything to faunna, and he did he brought everything to my ad and start everything.
At this point Kameron White has been keeping my iguana and $100 for a month, just like one of the comment i do not think i'll receive the igu and $100 again.
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