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John, I will mention a few points that will be irrespective of specific care parameters.

Awareness. I would advise closer monitoring going forward. Better observational efforts would (or could) have led to discovery earlier and maybe the ability to intervene prior to some unknown tipping point. Not knowing if an animal was eating or defecating is not exactly something I would want to be able to claim if I were a caregiver.

Quarantine. How long of one is often arbitrarily assigned, but implementation of some kind is pretty much always a good practice. It can be determined to be unnecessary under specific sets of circumstances, but is still good practice in broad application. There are ways to drastically reduce the length as a measured risk, but that is achieved an advanced set of tactics that are well beyond the situation described.

Nothing appreciable was going to seep into her skin. Her skin is a barrier to loss as well as entry.

Time. You had approximately three months (or perhaps "only" two) elapse based on your timeline before you really even noticed something amiss (acquired in March, died in August, and noticed two months prior to death). That is well beyond a reasonable expectation of them doing anything and I am definitely not promoting them by any means. Did you take the animal to a veterinarian at all? I understand home care for bringing animals around, but there is a limit to what baths and supplements can achieve in various sets of circumstances and it appears you neither tested nor treated for potential parasitism (although you did expose other animals to that possibility). When those small measures were not reversing the decline, seeking assistance beyond your own abilities would be up for strong consideration.

We've done EVERYTHING PERFECTLY in the proper care of her
That has a slight aftertaste of hubris to it.

Reputation. That is supposed to be determined before purchase if at all possible. Long after the fact is not particularly useful to you as a buyer. As for their business name, I think it refers to ball/royal pythons, but I mostly lack clairvoyance. I have seen more obvious "balls" double entendre naming schemes if that is even in play here.

Per the rules, you need to name the party you are quoting. You have 24 hours to do so.