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John I am sorry to hear about you're loss. Its always tough when you lose an animal that you put money, time ,and love into. I think there are a few things you could have done differently with not only the original purchase, but with you're husbandry as well. A few mins searching the BOI on your cell at the show would have shown you numerous bad BOI threads involving the Kick Bros/Fred Kick/Kicks Balls.

You never took her to the vet for a check up or a fecal after you bought her. You were perceptive enough to notice that she never ate, and claimed that she was surviving off her stored fat and again did not take her to the vet. You had her for 6MONTHS before she died and its Freds fault? That is garbage. Your lack of vet care is what likely killed the Uro not Fred Kick. Maybe next time you have any animal that gets sick you take it to a vet instead of watching it die and then blaming the person you bought it from. Better luck next time John!