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Not all breeder play that everything I sell is a "holdback", I think in the last five years we have sold 3 as that, and purchased none as that.

I do find it interesting that according to the above, a breeder quality is not a hold back quality... I know the ones we DO hold back are BECAUSE they are breeder quality and we keep most of them! Thats why we hold them back.

BTW, this is a non hold back dragon, from the same line your getting (not one of Fire & Ice!) and he is flawless, pictures provided before he was shipped and was well prepped for changing and adjusting to new people and enviroment.. around the same price your paying for yours. Here he is 6 months old, 512 grams and 21 inches <--that speaks his genetics!

I still wonder why people would pay that or $500, sight unseen when there are such nice quality dragons out there from reputable breeders that are honest and have integrity for the same or less, that you know what your getting when you buy it