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Black Adder
Unfortunately I have to concur that you get what you pay for.
I was looking to revamp my room and would be buying approx 20 of 4foot x2 foot x1 foot enclosures.
Obviously Boa Master were the cheapest and times twenty would have made a considerable difference.
So I ordered just one to see how well they were built with the conversation was the explanation that if satisfied I would be ordering 19 more. Mark stated I would be more than happy and tbh he got that first one out to me in under 2 weeks so that was impressive enough.
However the quality was sadly lacking, to start the dimensions were all a good inch or more UNDER the listed size, so 47 inch not 48 inch etc. This on its own made it look odd in the stack with other true 4 foot cages.
The material used was noticably thinner and more prone to bow and sag than others used as well. Now I assembled this myself and that was easy enough and straightforward and no parts were missing or damaged so no complaints there but in general I would say I got what I paid for.

There was no way I was going to order anymore and ended up going with AP whose cages are in a different league for in all honesty not a great deal of dollars more.

Can I say the experience was a nightmare?

No not at all, I did get the tank quickly, it was all there, nothing broken but there is a definite reason they are cheaper than the competition for sure.
And just for me the material quality AND the fact it was not a true 48x24x12 was enough to send me elsewhere regardless of price.

I am not sure how he could have assembled it with the screws sticking through as it is pretty hard to screw it up (pun intended) on assembly unless you are really careless.
Not good at all!