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BOI® Good Guy Certification Forum Time to go proactive! This forum is going to be tightly controlled and structured as a member approved listing of Good Guys in the business.

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Old 02-13-2005, 10:39 PM   #1
This program is over with. Sorry it didn't work out.

Generally speaking, the BOI is a "reactive" method of dealing with the determination of whether a person or business is a "good guy" or "bad guy" to deal with. This is all well and good for someone who knows about the BOI and comes to check on someone before a purchase, but what about all of those people who don't know about this site? Or suppose you do know of this site, and there are times when you just don't feel like taking the time and effort to check out someone before a possibly good deal passes you by?

Well, this is where this section comes in. This is a proactive method for people to know the good guys to deal with by them having a certification medallion displayed on their website that indicates them being in good standing with the members of this site in relation to how they do business. This is basically a "BOI Lite", in that a person can ONLY vote on a poll indicating that person or business is being a "Good Guy" or "Bad Guy". Plus anyone can also view the "Trader's Ratings" for that person or business as well, and active customers can post their experiences for a quick thumbnail sketch of that business without going into long drawn out discussions that some threads can run on as over time.

Anyone interested in participating within this program must apply to me in order to do so. In doing so, they will have to agree to the stipulations of taking part in this plan without reservation. ONLY members in the membership groups at the Contributor level and above are eligible to take part in this program. The reason for this is simple: It is going to take a substantial chunk of time and effort on my part to manage this process. I am trying hard to come up with programs to help clean up this industry, but I have to be realistic about what my time is worth to me and how I want to apply it.

Quite simply, any business or person applying to take part in this program has to agree to do "good business". This is something that is subject to interpretation, but in it's most simplest form, simply means to treat your customers well and in a manner that will speak highly of the way you do business. This will be reflected in the poll set up in your thread here and by the votes people will place in your "Trader's Ratings". If at any time, one or both of those rating vehicles drops below zero (0) and you have a negative rating, your permission to display the provided certification banner will be withdrawn and you MUST remove it from your site immediately. You MUST agree to these terms in order to take part in this program. YOUR applying to be a part of this program by accepting a banner certificate is a defacto agreement on your part that you fully accept the stipulations indicated here.

When you apply for this service, you are requested to provide all pertinent detailed information regarding your business in the following format:

Company Name:
Owner Name:
FaunaClassifieds Member Name:
FC Trader Ratings Link:
Web Address:

Email the above format to Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, btw. If you have NO history, that is not a liability and being an unknown will not be held against you. But if you already have a negative Traders Rating feedback score, please don't bother applying. Do whatever you need to do to get your score into the positive rating, then come on back when that has been accomplished.

And I need to repeat something here that is often overlooked by new applicants: ONLY members in the membership groups at the Contributor level and above are eligible to take part in this program.
As requested, here is the link to the page for you to become a Contributor level member (Option C) in order to take part in this program:
When this information has been received, you will receive via email or private message an acceptance of your application along with the HTML code to provide a banner certificate that is linked directly to the thread set up in this forum. At that point you are accepted on a probationary basis pending feedback on the poll and Trader's Rating. If at the end of 30 days you are not showing a satisfactory rating (greater or equal then 0) or your website does NOT have the certificate prominently displaying on it, your right to have possession of this certificate will be withdrawn.

Please note that ALL certificates will be numbered and will correspond with the thread item here in this forum. All viewers are recommended to verify that all certificates are authentic by the link that should be provided from that certificate, or else by manually verifiying here that the assigned number is actually listed for the person or business it is found associated with. Any discrepancies should be reported to me immediately. You are also advised to take care in your business dealings with such a person or business as well.

In order to insure that this mechanism will be used in a manner consistent with fairness and honesty, ONLY members who are in the paid membership groups (Participant and above) are eligible to vote in the polls. This is done in order to try to maintain as much credibility as possible from those people voting on the persons and businesses listed in this section. Also note that the polls are set up to display the member names of all persons who vote on them, so there will be NO anonymous voting in this area. Everyone's votes will become public record.

If further information or supporting documentation is necessary for a viewer who wants such things, then a keyword search on the regular BOI would be recommended. All threads will have a section at the bottom where "Similar Threads" are displayed, so it is quite possible that this could be used as a reference to track down further information as needed.

Below is an example of the banner certificate that is proposed to be placed on all participating members' websites in this program. Image size is 150x205 pixels and is 10.5 KB in physical size for storage and bandwidth considerations. If necessary, a member can put the image directly on their website rather then linking it from my server. However, the link to the proper thread in this forum IS REQUIRED, and no alterations to the original image are permitted without my approval. I do recognize that some changes may be in order if there is a conflict with a color scheme, so each request will be considered on a case by case basis.

I think that is basically it. This project is in FULL SWING right now with over 50 people already signed up and bearing this sign of being a recognized BOI Good Guy that you can have reasonable faith in doing business with, and therefore treated fairly. So when you are out and about looking at websites offering animals and merchandise for sale, be sure to look for this sign as your guide of the people in this business who you can place your trust in.

And when you have completed your transaction, be certain to come back here and place YOUR vote on the person you have done business with in order to keep the accounting as current as possible. This will only work with YOUR help and feedback, and it certainly is in EVERYONE's best interests that this program succeed.

Old 02-20-2005, 05:22 PM   #2
Reply to application..

The following is the application reply that is sent to members in reference to their BOI Good Guy Certification. Please note the stipulations mentioned here:


Here is the BOI Good Guy Certification Code for your website:

--> Code for the inclusion of the banner certificate on your website <--

This code should be in one continuous line with NO line breaks.

Please note that by accepting this code and installing it on your website, you specifically agree to be bound by the following terms:

(1) In order to take part in this program, your site MUST have this code installed on your website, making the certificate banner graphic visible to visitors to your site, and the ability of those visitors to click directly on that graphic and be taken to the linked thread on

(2) A static image of the banner certificate can be substituted with a link to the assigned thread on only upon notification and approval from the admin of

(3) The ONLY modification or alteration permissible of the certificate banner graphic image is for a necessary color change to make the image compatible with the background color of your website. NO OTHER MODIFICATIONS OR ALTERATIONS ARE PERMITTED.

(4) Your membership in this program is dependent upon the following conditions: (1) The results of the poll and Trader Rating results shown in the thread assigned to you for this purpose on If the results of the poll and/or the Trader Rating associated with your registered member name on indicates a negative rating, and investigation by the Admin and/or moderators of FaunaClassifieds cannot determine clear evidence of fraudulent ratings on said poll and Rating, you specifically agree to remove the banner certificate code and/or the certificate banner graphic from your site immediately upon request. (2) You must remain a Contributor Level member or above of If you do not renew your membership subscription, your entry within this program is subject to being withdrawn and you must remove the certificate banner graphic from your site immediately upon request.

(5) Failure to remove the code and/or banner graphic image from your site upon request of the admin of will result it suitable warnings being placed on concerning your actions. Any and all other methods deemed prudent and necessary by the admin of to force you to remove the code and/or image, if needed, up to and including legal action, will be done at your expense.

(6) The certificate banner that is linked to your site via this code remains the property of FaunaClassifieds L.L.C. and is only loaned to you for your use for the duration of your participation in this program. Once your participation has been ended, through the request of either party, you agree to remove the banner code and/or banner image immediately upon receipt of notice to either party.

(7) The decision of the admin of concerning any aspect of this program is final. Your only remedy for any dispute arising out of any part of this plan is your withdrawal from the plan.

(8) You agree to hold the admin nor moderators of blameless for any and all incidents, repercussions, or damages that may result from any portion of your taking part in this program, for any reason whatsoever.

(9) You MUST have the certificate banner graphic and link installed on your website no later then 30 days after you have recieved it. Failure to do so will render your application void and your certificate number withdrawn and offered to the next applicant.

IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE TERMS, you are instructed to NOT install this code and withdraw from the program.

Thank you.
Old 04-25-2005, 04:37 AM   #3
Today I had TWO (2) people apply for this program and quite a few in the past that have overlooked one of the requirements for taking part in this program. So I am going to repeat it here, and hopefully in such a way that it will catch people's attention BEFORE they apply to be a participant in this program I am running.

ONLY members in the membership groups at the Contributor level and above are eligible to take part in this program.

Thank you.
Old 05-23-2005, 03:53 PM   #4
A change in the manner in which votes are reflected in the polls

I had some trepidation with the way the polls were set up on the BOI Good Guy Certifications in that once someone voted, they would be completely unable to change their vote. Basically it is permanent. We have seen a few people who were apparently Good Guys change their stripes and go over to the dark side, so it concerned me that this could certainly happen, and then the poll results would no longer reflect reality.

So I asked my programmer to make a modification of the way the polls work. Effective today, people voting on those polls have the capability of deleting their previous vote, either to withdraw it completely, or to change their vote if the situation warrants it. I think with this change, the polls will better be able to reflect more accurately a person or business's standing then it could prior to this change.

The way you do this is that in the line below the poll stating that you have already voted on it, there is a link for you to delete your vote. Clicking on this will simply delete your vote, and you can either leave it that way (having withdrawn your opinion), or change your vote to reflect your new opinion.
Old 05-31-2019, 08:52 PM   #5

Since the Board of Inquiry will be closing on 02-02-2020 obviously there is no point in keeping this program running any longer. Not that it all that useful, apparently to people anyway. So if you have those medallions on your website, you can remove them as they will become dead links. Or keep them if you want to. Doesn't matter to me either way.

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