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Board of Inquiry® This forum is provided exclusively for the discussion of specific persons or businesses in the herp industry.

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Old 01-22-2009, 05:54 PM   #1
Inquiry on Todd Gearheart

Some dubious business practices. Any information would be appreciated.
Old 01-23-2009, 12:21 AM   #2
Jerry Tresser

This Jerry Tresser is something else. I've saved his emails. Irrational, egotistical, threatening and the kind of person nobody enjoys talking to or doing business with. A definite fire-starter type. There was no transaction completed with between us. I canceled the order. Nobody needs people like him. He likes to start trouble that is for sure. Nothing better to do in life. A bad Karma maker king.
Old 01-23-2009, 01:35 AM   #3
There are 14 pages of reviews and info on Arachnoboards about Todd Gearheart.
Old 01-23-2009, 01:50 AM   #4
I'd also like to point out that many of those reviews are by some of the biggest names in the invert business.

The thread if anyone wants to take a look.

Old 01-23-2009, 08:57 AM   #5
Originally Posted by xenesthis13 View Post
This Jerry Tresser is something else. I've saved his emails. Irrational, egotistical, threatening and the kind of person nobody enjoys talking to or doing business with. A definite fire-starter type. There was no transaction completed with between us. I canceled the order. Nobody needs people like him. He likes to start trouble that is for sure. Nothing better to do in life. A bad Karma maker king.
I have known Jerry for many, many years, and never thought he was irrational etc. Post his emails please, with complete headers etc. I find this hard to believe that he would behave like you said he did.

Randal Berry
Old 01-23-2009, 12:31 PM   #6
John Apple
Todd Gearheart

I used to have a beef with Todd some years ago...mainly because the internet has lost some of the personal way people communicate...i.e phone calls and face to face type crap. I used to want to pound the guy.
So what does Todd do with me...well he opened up the lines of communication and we found out that we both have the same interests and drive in this hobby. He was a gentleman to me on the phone and has been one ever since.
I have delt with Todd and talked with him on a few occasions and I could not have talked with a nicer person. [at least to me he is] I am sure there are others out there that will reitterate what I am saying here.
Todd is A-OK with me and his business practices have been above and beyond in any and all dealings as of late.
Jerry....Maybe you should explain the 'shady' business practices that you say he has
Just my thoughts
Old 01-23-2009, 12:32 PM   #7
John Apple
whoops meant dubius not shady
Old 01-23-2009, 01:30 PM   #8
I dont know if I should laugh or cry, but if this

is what we produce as the future of the herp business, I think we are all in trouble. Not so much because of the animals, but because of how one conducts oneself in business. I may not have all the emails, but I do have most of them to corroborate anything I may point out.. Doing business with Todd is real problem and I strongly suggest that caution should be used for the following reasons:

In Nov of 08 I responded to an ad in Kingsnake on some Anoles that were being offered by Todd.. What struck me funny were the photos. They just did not reflect anything that was recently taken, but rather from some stock photos on the net. See his Jan 12, 09 ad. Very similar to the one he posted in Nov. What he does not tell you is that he does NOT have them in stock. This I found out after my first contact with him in Nov. He indicated that a shipment was coming in the first week of Dec. then the end of Dec, then on Jan 23 (todays writing) In our discussions I may have mentioned that I would be interested in 5 pairs. But I need to know that these were as the photos shown in the ad and that they had full tails, etc.

If you take a look at his ads (both of them) including his most recent one, he wants you to reserve them.. Again the photos are not his but from some stock photos.. Well to my surprise !

Yesterday, I receive a proforma invoice from PayPal asking for payment to Todd Gearhart as well as an email:


100 collected (most are already pre-sold). Ready to ship next week. I'll get more in March. I have rare A. extremus (only 17) coming end of Feb. too.

10 A. roquet, 5M/5F, $15 ea. = $150
sub-total: $150
FL sales tax (6 %) if applicable: $9
sub-total: $159
Shipping: $20 ex. mail
sub-total: $179
P & H + accounting processing fee (3% of invoice total): $5.37
Total payment: $184.37
Send paypal payment to email:

I'm emailing you a paypal request to makes the payment part easy. Thanks.

I'll contact you Wed. to look at the shipping weather.

Todd "

As one can easily see, I sent him off an email indicating that I dont do business that way.. I would like to see some photos !! I would like to know what the ratio is !!! and I dont pay sales tax as we are tax exempt, but more importantly, that 3% fee which I really questioned him about is nothing but a camouflage to recoup his PayPal fee... when I questioned him here was his reply:

"My Packing & handling/account processing fee covers my overhead in boxes, insulation, heat or ice packs, invoice printing paper, ink cartridges/computer supplies and account processing time. Businesses either build that into the price of the animals or they make it a separate charge. I have done the later.

If that is not acceptable, then I guess we will not be doing business"

As it turned out, my suspisions were correct after speaking to some other folks. He sends these invoices out, does not have the animals as this clearly shows since they are expected in today ! Meanwhile you have nothing.. Even if he does ship, he avoided completely me emails asking for photos, etc... I am not bound to purchase under these conditions..... Each time I complained, he responded by telling me I was rude, each time I responded, he complained when I ended my sentence with an exclamation point (!) and when I finally made an honest attempt to indicate that I would only be interested in the more expensive Anoles, to be picked up in person at a pet shop that we both frequent, he contrued it as a threat... Copied directly from his email.

"You have been rude and disrespectful and I know your type. We have no business transaction. There never was one. Nothing was shipped. You never received anything nor did I.

Also, your use of "!" is something nobody wants to see in an email.

Your ego shows in your attitude and definitely on the phone as well.

Others that do not carry themselves like you. You only will get the bad karma that you are putting out.

I know your type Jerry. Demanding, wanting something for nothing and threatening and rude. These qualities will not do anybody good. Your from New York, correct?

Each time I requested to see what he would ship, he completely avoided my questions.. I got to the point after realizing that he also was attempting to collect sales tax which can be a real stickler with the Dept of Revenue... He is not a corporation, and I do not know as of this writing if he has a federal tax id # or does pay sales tax (as we do). I am also disturbed by this 3% fee which is just a round about method that is against the TOS of PayPal, and I am upset about providing money to someone who has not even received anything nor has any idea what these herps will look like once received..... I finally provided my last meaningful email to him which is below:

"On Jan 22, 2009, at 1:30 PM, Jerry Tresser wrote:

Nice way to do business. Why not include your corporation fees and food, lodging, etc. into the additional price as well.. Ridiculous way of conducting business.

The proper thing would have been to call me since you knew I was interested, or at least send me some photos of what I am buying (that's not asking for much now is it!) instead you send me a paypal invoice looking for payment..for 10 Anoles, sex unknown! quality unknown ! and you add tax and a 3% surcharge ! How do you expect anyone to buy that way.. More obvious is the reply you provided in a very poor business like manner..

When I buy from anyone and I have been at this substantially longer then you, any inquiry about fee's or other related issues that pertain to a sale, is hardly petty.! Since you do not have the ability to provide any of the above, keep your anoles ! There are plenty of people who can be more cordial in conducting business then the way you have shown... I have access to all the importers in So. Fla, and although Anoles may be out of season, they do get a variety. I do get there listings.

My only interest was just to have a nice pair or two once I saw the extremus becoming available.. But I do have every right to see what I am buying and avoid having to be burdened with unnecessary charges I will let others know about your method for conducting business. Its certainly not what I would consider something to be proud of... You have allot to learn !! JERRY"

I could add more , but its not worth it nor is the discussion.. My initial inquiry was to see if others had received similar proforma invoices from PayPal and if these additional charges were added. Especially those pertaining to the state of Florida. I only suggest caution and if additional emails intrigue those who are reading this, I will be more then happy to provide whatever I have saved... JERRY
Old 01-23-2009, 01:45 PM   #9
Just to add a clarification on the matter,

I realize that in his original email he indicated 5M/5F which is 10. But I needed to know first hand that he actually had these in his possession and that from speaking to others once I sent Todd the money via PayPal my recourse would have been ZIP, ZERO, and I was not happy with that one sided deal.. I have every right to protect my interests... I had anticipated some problems like this so I called him and left a message about meeting and him bringing the animals so that I could see these Anoles considering that we both are in Fla and I understood that his visits to the pet shop in question was frequent... I did make an honest attempt to conduct myself in a more business like fashion then the response that I received from Mr. Earhart but after re reading one of his last emails to me, I just basically realized that I may be dealing with a child or a grownup with childlike abilities who sees everything as a threat !! And does not like excalmation points !!!!!

"Others will receive their nice anoles along with other stock just as they
> have for over two decades successfully. You will not. Why? Your mouth and
> attitude.
> You really need to evaluate yourself, check your ego at the door and not
> come across so rude in dealings with people. I enjoy more positive people
> that do not use "!" in their emails for starters. In the south and
> midwest, we have manners and are respectful in conversations and dealings
> with people. This is not New York or Miami."

Thats it for me. JERRY
Old 01-23-2009, 01:58 PM   #10
My aplogies about my randomness

There is nothing wrong in attempting to pre sell herps while they are being imported. I used to do each week. I would receive telex's advising what was shipped... That is not my complaint as much as having to pay PayPal sight unseen with someone who's credentials are not above reproach. PayPal is a wonderful tool for those who do not have terminals (as we do) for collectiing money through the use of credit cards and conducting business... But if something goes wrong after you sent the money , the recourse based on sending money without even knowing if the animals are in the presence of the seller really is an open invitation to allot of problems.

Apparently Mr Earhart has had similar difficulties in the past with this same policy and I did not want to become an additional statistic to the graveyards that house people who in good faith sent monies and received nothing or not what they were expecting with no avenue for redress.....

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