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Old 12-22-2016, 06:26 PM   #51
Originally Posted by DavidBeard View Post
You should post more of the communications between you two to further back up your claims. Also any court documents you have would be welcome additions I'm sure.
just finished posting ss of our convo
Old 12-22-2016, 06:28 PM   #52
Originally Posted by 3240 View Post
It would be interesting to see ALL of the communication between you and Ty. You're only posting portions of the conversation.
the whole convo was posted and i also just got done posting the ss as well
Old 12-22-2016, 06:32 PM   #53
Originally Posted by Reptar View Post
So there were two other people in the same boat as you but they were able to work something out with Ty? Unless I missed something, looks to me like he offered you a replacement animal and you refused to give him your address.
a replacement animal?
when he offered me an albino blue from an undisclosed breeder? that was not what the raffle was for and after he changed his story a few times i lost trust in him. on his own post on his page he stated that he could have just sent me the albino blue from someone else and i never would have known......... but he said instead he was honest!!!
that to me shows his dishonesty. i will post a copy of his post with all the comments. in it he admitted that he couldnt get the tegus from his friend anyway
Old 12-22-2016, 06:34 PM   #54
Originally Posted by xGx3x View Post
I was the other winner of this raffle. While I do not wish to get overly involved in this, I had absolutely no issue. I received a perfectly healthy albino blue tegu and she's been growing like a weed. I never asked any questions or raised any concerns to Ty, I just waited until Ty contacted me and when he did the tegu was promptly shipped out. This is a recent picture:

i am glad that you did relieve yours the albino purple t+ he sent you is beautiful
Old 12-22-2016, 06:37 PM   #55
Originally Posted by 3240 View Post
In the texts you posted he's offering to give you an albino blue tegu. You're refusing because you want $3k. As I said earlier, you're taking advantage of the situation.
again an albino tegu from an undisclosed breeder is not what the raffle was foe. the raffle terms were clear and nowhere in them did he state that an albino blue from an undisclosed breeder was what was to be won.
he also stated that he couldn't even get the tegus from the undisclosed person anyway so that argument is moot
Old 12-22-2016, 06:40 PM   #56
Originally Posted by nickolasanastasiou View Post
Here is mine.

He offered an albino blue tegu to each of the winners of a raffle and $3k to each winner if he did not produce any. He claimed at one point not to have produced any and would procure one from someone else's stock. The trouble is that the people were not buying tickets for someone else's stock. They were buying tickets for chances to win his stock. He did not, according to some of the messages, produce said stock.

The wording was specific. As it is stated, it looks like she is owed $3k. It was either one of his albino tegus he produced or $3k. No tegus produced? $3k. He did not have a third option in the posting of the contest promising that said he would roll on down to a fellow vendor's place in order to procure a replacement from another's stock. If he had, sure, he would have had the option of offering that. That is not how it was outlined, however, and how it was outlined was by his own hands.

He did not say that if he could not procure them that he would then pay $3k. He said if that if he did not produce them that he would pay $3k. According to him in some messages, he did not produce some. In other messages, it looks like he claimed he did produce some and was keeping them. Both of those claims cannot be simultaneously true, but that is neither here nor there since neither version of the prize was given to one of the winners of the contest. She paid $400 in chances and fortune favored her in the winning outcome. What has been promised by the terms of the contest has failed to be delivered.

Whether he "feels" she was greedy or not, she complied with his terms that he designed and he is the one who appears to be reneging on the agreement he built.

The only person being taken advantage of is the person who won under the terms set and has not received the prize or its cash alternative as outlined by the person who created the raffle in the first place.

The purpose of the raffle and all of the rest are separate matters. He could be pulling puppies out of fires all day long, but it looks like he owes this person $3k unless there is something more and critically damning to her argument that is not being presented.

I have bought from Ty before and, while there was an error in the order, he fixed it quickly and I was pleased with the transaction and animals received. That said, this is a situation he made. His words from the first screen shot are attached. If he abides by those words, then he will be a man of his word. If he does not deliver the $3k, then he is not abiding by his own words.
i feel cheated and the way he has talked to me and calling me greedy, uneducated, thankless etc is just uncalled for.
Old 12-22-2016, 06:41 PM   #57
Originally Posted by SiXandSeven8ths View Post
This right here. I'm glad to see someone say it. Nobody else seems to see it this way. Its clear that the terms were changed and not honored.

thank you

he did not deliver the prize i won PERIOD.
Old 12-22-2016, 06:43 PM   #58
Originally Posted by Fangthane View Post
The terms were pretty clear, and I think the OP is completely in the right here. While some may have been happy to receive just any old albino blue tegu, i can't fault the OP for expecting exactly what she was supposed to get - either an albino blue produced by Ty, or $3000. Genetics matter to many people. Given the inconsistencies in Ty's statements about whether or not he produced any albino blues, I can understand the OP's reticence to just take his word that she'd finally get just what was promised - an animal from his stock.

I've never dealt with Ty, but what's shown here seems a far cry from the Ty I've seen posting here in various situations. As mentioned, I don't really see any problems with how the OP has handled this situation; but even if the case could be made that she's been difficult, that doesn't justify what he's trying to do. If one's word really means anything at all, it needs to stand just as firmly when all's going well as it does when dealing with someone who may be a problem.

Seems like the Varnyard effect may be kicking in here a bit, but no matter how much of a Good Guy he may have previously been perceived to be, it doesn't change the fact that he's not living up to the terms that he dictated.
Old 12-22-2016, 06:50 PM   #59
Originally Posted by Reptar View Post
All I know about Ty Park is he's a man of his word and has a great reputation...
Sure doesn't look honest based on his refusal to provide what he originally offered. His behavior in the messages is low class all around (changing/ignoring clearly defined terms, pressuring Michelle and giving ultimatums, refusing to answer simple, relevant questions) so I wouldn't bank on that reputation holding up for much longer either. This issue is black and white and Michelle has done nothing wrong nor been unreasonable to expect someone with such a supposedly stellar reputation to comply with the specifics of his own offer. He set the original terms himself, so why shouldn't he be expected to operate by them?
Old 12-22-2016, 06:59 PM   #60
this was posted on ty park page on oct 29

‎Robert Krause‎ to Ty Park
10 hrs ·
As everyone knows, I am a very close personal friend of Ty's. We go back a long ways and there is no one and I mean ABSOLUTELY no one who has more integrity and honesty than Ty. I learn a lot from this man always. But, he has too much trust in people and to a fault. Without getting into the numerous times I've attempted to convince Ty to be cautious in business and not be to trusting, his answer is that they probably need it more than him and he is willing to help even to a fault. WHAT A PERSON I ADMIRE SO MUCH. Sad as it may be there are always people out there looking for an easy buck. And that is where some people take terrible advantage of him. That is what has happened with this woman who is suing him for something so ridiculous that it makes me want to physically intervene. We all know that there are always going to be people who are looking to scam someone else, a person who will go to the food store and drop a jar of pickles and intentionally cut themselves with the intent of filing a gigantic lawsuit knowing that the powers that be will always settle out of court. If this person had an ounce of brains, she would quietly drop this lawsuit and crawl back into the hole where she belongs.
Manny Hernandez
Manny Hernandez I agree! Some people are just scum and usually ruin it for everyone. I'm sorry you Ty Park are having to go through this. Know that there are plenty of good people that are out here standing shoulder to shoulder with you.
3 · 10 hrs
Steven Hong
Steven Hong No offense, I think she's doing this because she wants the attention and she's probably not making enough off her sugar gliders...(yes, I checked out her page to see who she is). Hope she doesn't try to sue me off this comment 🙃
9 hrs

posted on oct 28‎

Renata Carlseen‎ to Ty Park
Yesterday at 6:31pm · Chula Vista, CA ·
— ATTENTION — FRIENDS — Over the years we’ve come to know Ty Park as a person who has given much to our community in his generosity, kindness to all, and support he offers when people have nowhere to turn. Never has he hesitated and always with a smile, he treats people as if they were family.
In the world of conservation to help save endangered species that we all love, he has donated significantly in support of those efforts by running raffles, auctions or simply reached in his pockets to ensure those on the front lines had the funds to do the work. He knows the difficulty organizations have competing for grants that are too few to go around, which delays the work to protect these species until the maybe the next funding cycle comes around.
Recently a situation occurred where a person felt Ty had not fulfilled his obligations after winning a raffle. Despite all the efforts Ty made to please the person, whatever he did was not good enough. Ultimately this person sued Ty, feeling cheated on his promise. The shame of it all was rather than resolving this in private, the person publicly made statements about Ty with the intent of harming or slandering his reputation.
For all the support Ty has given us and the conservation community it is time we show our support for him. To counter and rebuff the defamation of Ty's character that was so publicly and thoughtlessly displayed, we ask you to take a moment to make a short post below in support of Ty. This is what friends do… Thank You!

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