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Board of Inquiry® Standard rules for the reptile and amphibian BOI apply here as well.

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Old 09-05-2012, 10:41 PM   #1
The Drosophila Co.

Thinking of buying an animal from this seller. Think again.
A few months ago I bought an N. Wheeleri from the drosophila company. In the photos provided on the kingsnake add it looked like a nice animal. Good weight, decent coloration, photographed in its habitat with a hide space and sand substrate. A good gecko to add to my collecion of nephrurus.


Of course the gecko was photographed in its natural habitat. The sand on it worked great for concealing its protruding back bone and skinny tail. I had the animal for 5 days before it died. Arrived deathly skinny, wouldnt eat....who would ship an animal in this condition to another buyer? The Drosophila Co.


They were very helpful and good about answering emails. As soon as I recieved the half dead animal and emailed them about its condition I never heard from them again. I posted about them on other forums and didnt see adds from them for awhile but here they go again selling shit quality animals and lining there pockets. No help on this case from paypal I might add!

THESE PEOPLE DONT CARE ABOUT THE ANIMALS THEY ARE SELLING OR THE PEOPLE BUYING THEM. As soon as they have cash in hand forget about customer service or purchasing a decent animal.

Maybe some will feel differently but my transacation was absoluetly terrible.
Old 10-09-2012, 05:30 AM   #2
I bought a bunch of fruit fly's from them several years back, I keep a lot of dart frogs and needed them for feeding and making cultures. The price was high but they were on the other side of the state and I could get them quickly, I told them of my plight and all I was told is we have way over counts and you'll have more than you know what to do with.....well I did not even get enough for 1 feeding for all of my tanks much less start any cultures with. When I called to complain that my several thousand flys was not even several hundred they said OK we will just refund your $$ which never happened, I wrote it off as to someone I would just never guy from again. I would have never started a thread but since I have heard from dozens of my friends oin the dart frog hobby they experienced the same as I did I figured I would comment on a thread that already existed.
If you need fruit fly's, go to someone in the dart frog hobby, they usually give you more that your $$'s worth, not far less like the Drosophila Co.
Old 10-23-2012, 08:32 PM   #3
I have only worked with this company a couple of times and the animals and the customer service was excellent!
Old 01-15-2013, 06:03 PM   #4
Will rip you off and aruge forever!

I called this guy cause I had mite issues. I also was promised way more flies than I got. Also, when the mite stuff they sold me didn't work, they all of a sudden had a new kind, that would for sure work!! After that purchase didn't work, lo and behold, they had just created a new kind that would definitely work!!

My first couple orders were disappointing, but my last one is what sealed the deal that this guy rips people off.

I placed an order, we agreed how it would ship and at what time. After we agreed on everything, and he had actually shipped the flies, he sent me an e-mail telling me a new time and way it was to be delivered, and that it should be up to me to call the post office before the flies left there for delivery to my specific house so I could intercept the package in it's delivery to my place so I could insure they'd show Ok.

Well, this jerk sent that e-mail AFTER we had already agreed on stuff!! And, because I didn't know there was going to be an e-mail coming from him with last minute changes, I didn't actually get the e-mail till after the flies showed up dead. To make matters worse, there was a provable $50 discrepancy on what I paid for and what I got.

Even though he admitted to the $50 difference I was owed, and that he sent the e-mail after we had already agreed on order specifics, he still told me it was my fault they died for not checking my e-mail constantly to see if he changed anything, and their death was because I didn't see his e-mail changing things up and I didn't intercept my own package. With the $50 he owed me, he said he'd send me $25 and some mite chemicals. I said I didn't want the $25 and mite chemicals, I wanted the whole $50 plus the fruit flies reshipped according to how we agree.

He was very very very argumentative, insulting, rude, and screaming. I then, knowing I have little patience for thieves and stupidity, gave my poor employee the job of dealing with this issue. He also got rudeness, arguing, etc. The only other time I've seen speople nickle & dime to rip someone off for petty amounts of money like this guy did with me was when I've had the unfortunate experiences of dealing with hard core drug addicts, who'll fuck over anyone for ten bucks. That's what he reminded me of, a desperate drug addict. I don't know if that's what he is, but he is scheming, and does nickle & dime thievery.

Anyways, once me and my employee saw he was going to admit to the $50 discrepancy, just only offer $25 and some chemicals I didn't want. And that he was not going to take care of all the fruit flies that had died because of his incompetence to follow through with our agreement. We decided instead of arguing with him further, we'd just contact paypal.
(By the way, there was definitely about 1/4th to 1/6th of the flies I was supposed to get in the cups dead. He claimed to have "tripled them up in packing to save shipping costs," but it was obviously waaaay short of what I was supposed to get.)

After he received the notice from paypal that we were done arguing and just wanted our cash back. It was about $100 in fruit flies we needed returned(Would have accepted him to reship the appropriate amount of fruit flies, as long as shipped how we agree) and $50 extra, he charged and gave nothing for. Anyways, after he receives the paypal email, he contacts me and my employee and says, very snottily, that now we're just gonna get nothing, no matter what he owes cause we had to go cry to paypal. He'll give us money if they say, but if not, he won't even take care of the $50 he's admitted to!!! What a fucking asshole!!

Anyways, after talking much with paypal, they totally agreed he was in the wrong by going over the many many e-mails both my employee and I had the misfortune of going back and forth with this drosophila jerk in, and paypal told me they were starting a fraud investigation on him. However, because our communication were through private e-mail accounts, and not by messages sent through paypal proper, they could not really count them as evidence, and were terribly sorry.

Luckily, paypal knows me, likes me, knew this guy was a lying ass, and felt bad for me enough that paypal gave me about $55 bucks of THEIR OWN MONEY to make up for the fact I had this frustration. They also advised from now on I only do communications regarding my buying issues about someone either through paypal(or ebay if applicable), cause it's the only way messages back & forth can be used as evidence, no matter how guilty someone looks.

So the moral of the story is, don't trust Drosophila company. They give less fruit flies then they promise. He'll switch up order agreements with you, and after sending the package may ask you to do the work to intercept the package show you can get it when you're supposed to. He'll admit to when he's overcharged or undercharged(Not that he'll admit to giving 1/4th the fruit flies you order), but will try to make you take supplies instead of money, will promise money is on the way when it's not(He had told both my employee and I he had a $25 check already sent in the mail long before we had realized he would argue to the death and never do what is right), and he will just generally rip you off.

If you're a satisfied customer, you probably just got ripped off but didn't realize. EVERY SINGLE PERSON I've talked to who has ordered flies through them all say the received at most half of what they were supposed to give and 100% of the time says "I'll double, or triple them up in cups to save you on shipping.

This guy will also tell you he gaurantees live orders, and guarantees this and that, but when problems arrise, he doesn't back up ANYTHING he promised. He is a thief, a liar, and argumentative. He still owes us money, and should not be done business with AT ALL.

He also likes to shit talk his competitors to a rude, unjustified amount, just to talk you into believing he's the only trust worthy source for flies around. DO NOT BUY IT!!

Ok, I'm done. But Drosophila company is full of it, and NO ONE I've talked to is 100% satisfied, and I'm still fuming about him ripping us off at a time we were desperate for fruit flies. What a jerk!

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