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Old 06-26-2011, 12:08 AM   #1
Best looking snake contest.

I did search on this and found nothing close to what I was looking for, so I thought ynot, which is my name backwards...
Anyway, not really looking to make a contest out of this at all, just would like to see some of the animals you guys and gals have out there. I'll start out with a pic I received of a Paraguay-locale yellow-tail cribo that Alan Brutosky sent me to drool over. She's not for sale BTW, but after a month of bugging him pretty much several times a week, I did talk him into parting with one of his Suriname YTC yearlings. I could tell he really didn't want to sell him, so I really appreciated it when he agreed. Should be getting him home soon, and I will be doing a separate thread on him in a 'Good-Guy' when I do. He is a special YTC with his bloodline having a nice little secret about it I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you - so my lips are sealed. Anyway, here is the pic of the Paraguay YTC that according to Alan, is not his best-looking one, but near the top:
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Old 06-26-2011, 11:04 PM   #2
~Just Curious~
Alright ynot then~

So much yellow...That's not his best looking!? Wow!

You lucky guy, I can't wait to see your new one! That sure was nice of Alan, he sounds real swell. Of course the good old "bug them 'til they break" technique works every time.

Sooooooo when do you plan on unveiling your secret bloodline project? Can't hide it from us forever!

Perhaps I can bribe you with pics of my own.
I don't have any drymarchon (Do my dreams count?) and I only have two pits, so I guess they're the best looking ones in my collection by default. Yay...? They're '07 amel pacific gophers, just pets, they look a lot alike so I'll go and take pics of both.
Sorry for the poor-quality pics in advance, I'm not real camera-savvy and I just shot them through the glass since I didn't want to bug them further. I completely changed out everyone's bedding this afternoon and they still haven't settled down. Everytime I move their furniture they have to have explore all over again.

Here's Carmen

and here's Phoenix, he's breaking in the new substrate by burrowing the heck out of it.

He just did this neat trick where he burrows out of sight and then pops out inside his hide. I guess the obvious door wasn't good enough for the lil' weirdo.

So that's them~

Be sure to post pics of your new guy once he's home. Gimmie something else to drool over again!
Old 06-26-2011, 11:26 PM   #3
"Only have two pits"?!??!
Those are some spectacular looking specimens Autumn! I thought the red bulls HHMoore has were pretty hot, but turns out the red bulls have nothing on Amel gophers when they get a little size to them. Only problem with your pics is they bring up a very bad memory of mine. I was in junior high (this was back when the dead sea was only sick), and we came outside for PE, and someone was pointing out where one of the coaches had killed a snake. I went over to see if I could identify it and it was a normal gopher snake about 5 feet in length. I was so angry with that coach if I was any bigger than I was I would have kicked his you-know-what. It was like looking at a freshly-cut rose someone had stomped on the ground, and I was the only one there who could see the true beauty of the animal.
Wow! Ok - sorry for the trip down Depression Blvd. I just have never gotten that memory out of my head. Hopefully it won't ever happen again. I know a few times I've had the priviledge of saving a snake when someone is ready to kill it, and when you pick them up and start holding them and they calm down and everyone sees it is harmless, there is a sense of accomplishment.
Anyway, thanks for the pics of your beauties. My Female YTC has nothing on them BTW, and she is the current crown of my collection:
Attached Images
Old 06-27-2011, 12:22 AM   #4
~Just Curious~
Haha thanks!
I'm new to pits in general, these are my first and I just bought them off here in Febuary. Here's the original ad, Todd's much better with a camera than me. It hasn't been long at all, but I'm already in love with their feisty attitudes! It's so entertaining, I know I won't be able to stop with just these two!

Sorry it brought up bad memories though, it's painful hearing things like that. I understand you completely on the unneeded killings, I can't stand it when people do that! There's almost never a need to, but it seems like they do it on sight when it's only crime was existing! Gophers seem to get it a lot because they're so common and folks mistake them for rattlesnakes. (My gophers certainly seem to think they're rattlers. Big attitude in a small body.) Gopher, rattler, whatever - I don't see why they can't just leave it be. Not only are they beautiful, but they're good to have around when it comes to pest control.
All we can do is educate people. *sigh* Still doesn't make it sting less when it happens.

Alright, back to the original topic before I start bawling here - your female is just gorgeous! You've managed to get me drooling again! (Mood whiplash, yes?) I love the contrast, she's got some real cool striping going on too! Very deserving of the "crown jewel" position!
Is she going to be paired with your new guy or do you already have another male for her?
Old 06-27-2011, 01:54 AM   #5
I'm going to pair her with the new guy. Here is a video of him and one of his brothers:

I think you'll see why I was so insistant on getting one of Alan's animals. He simply is the king of Drymarchons. He is also very helpful and willing to share his knowledge, so whenever you are ready to take the plunge, let me know, and I'll give him a call for you. He also breeds them selecting for temperment. The Suriname local are the most mellow, and this is what I just bought.
Old 06-27-2011, 02:30 AM   #6
~Just Curious~
Nice! You're going to have some killer offspring from that pairing!

Those guys in the vid were so beautiful, tons of color! I really loved how calm they were when handled though. When you say he breeds for temperament, you aren't kidding!
....You threw this "contest" because you knew you were going to win, right? Haha they're all stunning!

Thank you very much for the offer by the way, but realistically I don't see myself being there for a few years. No matter how jealous I am! I will definitely keep that in mind though, it's good to know, so thanks again!

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