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Old 03-01-2014, 12:41 AM   #61
Arizona Tortoise Compound
Joe I. Have you contacted your friends that have the largest known pair of 100% Hets from Wanda that you mentioned before in this thread. Any news as to if they have reproduced anything? Please try to contact them again if you have not reached them and keep us posted here.
Old 03-01-2014, 12:55 AM   #62
Looks straw colored where the light actually hits it in the video, but I could go either way on that, as I do see a pink-red-orange hue in some parts of the shell in the video. The new photo looks to be more orange than the others. Every pic appears differently hued.

Still not seeing an F2, which is kind of the point of breeding "hets".

my point is i sold these so cheap one could not loose buying one
If something is $850 and does not prove out relative to its $200-$300 non-morph equivalent, then when you sell it for $1000 later, the return is what is lost. $1000-$850=$150. $1000-$300=$700. The difference of $550 is not what I would declare to be "nothing" when it is not the seller's money.

i have maintain the price slightly higher on these then normals to keep from crashing the market for people who are really going to breed them and to make it so people can resale them .the people who panic and sell there het sunsethypos stand to forfit big profits selling hypos , the people who breed these will be the big winners not me ,i was never in the running to make hypos
This sounds like a straight up "get in on the ground floor and I am only sharing it with my best buds and am not even going to take it to the next stage, my good friends" con. Act now!

sunsethypos that had hatch from a buyer who bought the very first ones aprox 2000/2002 there were only a few back then
Where are these F2 animals? Where is the evidence? One photo of a babcocki on a mat?

i didn't ever produce any myself , nor was i trying to ,i stated to buyers that these are too big ,i didn't have the room ,they are even bigger know . i need someone to move them for me when they need to be moved . so i could not keep more or create a herd
They are too big and you do not have room for a het male, yet the video with Darik letting himself get bitten has the camera SHOWING a female daughter that is an ADULT and saying that "he don't like it when you touch one of his female tortoises" and then proceeding to show "one of his babies" and telling him he has "got one of your girls here". So you can keep "hets", apparently, but cannot keep the ones that could produce the actual morph *if* it is real because 30 pounds of tortoise is easier to lift than...30 pounds of tortoise? Your video invalidates that claim. You did keep more. You did create a herd. Just not with even one individual you would need to prove it out. How odd.

i am seeing attacks on everything i have even the hognose , something about changing the pictures to make my hogs look better ,well if i do they what are the going to think when i send them the snake?
The same material in the two side-by-side shots in the ad screenshot I posted much earlier in the thread shows significantly different color in the background. Anyone is free to look at the photos.

Still waiting on those secret F2s. I does matter to me if you have any red background light, slap Kool-aid on it, or if it even does have a off-pink color. The point of selling these as hets for a proven morph is to be able to provably produce homozygous recessive F2s. Where is the evidence for the F2 sunset hypo Gpp animals?

I am also curious why Andy gets emails and I get emails but the party does not post things for himself/herself. Additionally, let us not forget that "small" matter of trying to buy one of my animals using a deceased relative's phone number and a name that is not your own.
Old 03-01-2014, 12:59 AM   #63
How is $850 "slightly higher" than $200 to $300, by the way? 283% to 425% is "slightly higher" now?
Old 03-01-2014, 01:22 AM   #64
By all means, though, if others want to drop their money on this after everything that has been presented, far be it from me to deny them the chance to learn this lesson in a first-hand fashion.

A decent bit over a decade of sales. A decent bit over $100k by simple back-of-the-envelope calculations for that span. I practically have to wade through the evidence of homozygous F2s...or perhaps not. But remember, folks, in "the next few years"....
Old 03-01-2014, 01:40 AM   #65
Joe I
Hi Andrew. Yes, I have a call into my buddy that has some original Het. Sunset Hypos. I don't think they have bred because I would like to think I would have heard about it. But, I will certainly let you know if I hear anything.

Here is my issue on the picture and the video. I notice the request came from Andrew to give both a picture in good light, and a video. The animal seems to have a new shade of color in this new photo, just my opinion. Could it be another photo shop job, anything is possible. But, why was the live video done under special lighting (in the tortoises house) and "not" under direct sunlight as the still photo was done? Put the animal with the same surroundings in both examples. But, It would eliminate a lot of doubt. It would take a much higher level of skill to photo shop a live video. Which is why, I can only presume, you requested that. Andrew, can you request another video be made in direct sunlight this time? In that live video clip, the tip of the animals shell is "white" in color where the light source was hitting it. I believe that is the sunlight outside. It simply does not look the same in the still photo shot in direct sunlight. The clues seem to be in the details here.

I'll go back to my very simple and direct question that still has never been answered. Wanda, why didn't you breed one of your earlier offspring (100% Het. Male) that you produced 8 or 10 years ago back to its mother? If it was a true morph trait, the result once again is 50% Visual "Pink" animals, and the other 50% are 100% Het. for Sunset Hypo. Then, the guessing stops. You can raise a baby to 10 inches in 5 years. You have had double that time... Just can't get past that one myself.
Old 03-01-2014, 01:58 AM   #66
I am also curious why Andy gets emails and I get emails but the party does not post things for himself/herself. Additionally, let us not forget that "small" matter of trying to buy one of my animals using a deceased relative's phone number and a name that is not your own.
I was just about to ask the same since Wanda admitted to you in an email: "... i have been a member on fauna for quite some time , first of all darik is my son who helps me from time to time , i only keep the one pair of p.pardalis the normal male and the hypo females"

Again, she wants to derail the current conversation with private emails about pricing and irrelevant ancient history ... none of which can be backed up with actual proof.

Please address the photo-shopping issues and the use of the bogus Tim Blevins name and Carl Patterson's phone number to bait Nick?

I wish I could believe the dated (incorrectly, by the way) video and photo, but I don't.

Here's my (NOT my photo, NOT my tort, NOT a morph) StrawberryFields hypo. Below it is my PurpleRain hypo (also NOT my photo, NOT my tort, NOT a morph) Yeah, her alteration is better than the 3 minutes I spent on mine, but anyone still buying it?
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Old 03-01-2014, 02:01 AM   #67
Laura, I guess the wonderful thing about a fake morph is that the storyteller can fabricate any properties he or she chooses. Like time travel. That tortoise is totally going to save its favorite Eloi.
Old 03-01-2014, 02:05 AM   #68
Arizona Tortoise Compound
I only shared the info and not sure why they can not come here themselves. Something about not knowing how, time, health ect. Their email address is open to the public based off there ads of animals for sale. So maybe others can email directly and get the proof or ask the questions as potential customers normally do is the contact info-

I too find many questions and concerns not being answered, also a lot of stumbles, excuses and a few lies that can be pointed out. I personally thought the video footage would end it all, but I know nothing of how photo color and or video color could be changed or tweaked. So for now we can only " wait a few more years" like Nicks says and see what happens for ourselves. I too have the same concerns as Nick and Joe and everyone else does and would like answers. Also at the same time, Wanda and I are in the same industry and I do not want to burn any bridges. I need the proof and questions answered due to the fact I have some for sale and have a group myself. I still do not know if I should take down my Hets and not offer them any long for sale or keep proceeding forward. If any proof or insight that could be added to this thread would be further appreciated.
Old 03-01-2014, 02:41 AM   #69
I still do not know if I should take down my Hets and not offer them any long for sale or keep proceeding forward.
Only you can make that call. Based on the info & exposure in this thread, is it in your best personal and professional business interests to do so or not? Your call.
Old 03-01-2014, 12:38 PM   #70
I'm just sitting here hoping to hear more about the neon vanilla rainbow glitter dwarf leopards, or whatever it was she called them. You know, her second secret colony that she has "in the back" that she's been selectively breeding for generations to produce the result she is after.... While at the same time, not holding back a male het sunsethypo to breed to mom.

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