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SOUND OFF!!! Ever have something REALLY bugging you and nowhere to vent about it? Well, this is the place. It does not have to be fauna oriented at all! Get it off your chest right here.

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Old 05-29-2006, 03:43 PM   #1
Grocery peeves

I think it is amazing that we have grocery stores. I have read history books detailing the way families grew crops, and if one wanted chicken for dinner one had to go out back and GET the chicken, wring its neck (urk) and PLUCK it. Yikes!
That being said, I do have some peeves:
Avocados, one of my faves. Too often they are either hard as rock or putrid.
Tomatoes: I know that tomatoes are selected in the industry not for taste, but for how they stand up to shipping. I grow tomatoes at home and they are wonderful, I'd be willing to pay extra to have the same quality in the stores.
Price errors. The store I go to gives you one of the items free if the price on your cash register tape is different than the advertised price and I get a considerable amount of free stuff this way because I always take a moment to check after the transaction is complete. That's nice, but I'd just rather the prices were true.
What about you, do you have any peeves?
Old 05-29-2006, 04:01 PM   #2
Mary-Beth is KoRny
People who block the isles with their carts!
Especially the ones who don't move when you say excuse me.
Old 05-29-2006, 06:21 PM   #3
old guy
On the same note and me

working for several.........the older generation mostly very nice OLD ladies that forgets their manners that they think you all younger people should have and blocks the isles with carts or even their crusted bodies and use the grocery store as a meeting/town hall/conversation place ! LOL !
Old 05-29-2006, 10:48 PM   #4
Originally Posted by Mary-Beth is KoRny
People who block the isles with their carts!
Especially the ones who don't move when you say excuse me.
Or they'll just move one whole inch!!

I hate it when people use the "express lanes (10 items or less)" when they have a whole cartful of stuff; I've seen it so many times...can't say anything if they aren't directly in front of me.
Old 05-29-2006, 11:22 PM   #5
LOL...I do! I don't care where they are in relation to me. Even if they are behind you, just politely point to the sign and mention the number of items...most people react with shock as they don't pay attention to the signs. I worked for a Super K MANY moons ago and was always on the rush lines due to my speed (yes...someone actually FAST on the rush lines!), and I can't even get into how crazy my lines would get. I worked late, so by about 11pm I was the only rush line, along with maybe 4 normal lines....I counted as many as 20 people in the line at any given time...I got over telling people to get in the correct line LONG ago.

I somehow have a talent for getting behind the following people in line:

-They want to pay by check and don't have ID, and have no cash on them and apparently don't know what credit cards are.

-They are WIC parents, and they have 20 tickets they are using at once (which take FOREVER, even if the cashier knows what to do).

-People that somehow manage to pick 5 items the computer doesn't the meantime, they argue the price on an additional 8 items.

-People that use food stamps and are wearing a brand new silk outfit.

-Cashiers that hand you the bills first, then the change on top of it. That's a pet peeve I picked up my very first day as a trainer told me the correct way and the reason why and I never forgot. LOL

-The slowest cashier on the face of the PLANET. I go there because the line is empty...and you only find out why when it's too late.

I have a lot of respect for cashiers...I've been there and I know the kind of crap they put up with. However, it drives me CRAZY when they can only scan one item every 3 seconds (which is like watching paint dry), and when they can't recognise your basic fruits and vegetables. COME ON see this damn stuff day in and day out, memorize a few numbers, will ya? Maybe I was too good, lol, not only did I know what EVERY fruit and veggie was by name, I also knew the 4 digit code for them (which is a lot). My favorite thing to do was have someone buy lead weights from the fishing area....they didn't have UPC stickers, so you had to punch in the 16 digit code for them by hand. I knew all of those as well - roughly 12 different 16 digit codes. It never failed to amaze people because I was fast, and I was always right.
Old 05-30-2006, 02:43 AM   #6
The grocery store. Let me think. ............... yep, suicide suddenly becomes a most appealing, viable option.

I don't like going into the store driveway. You always look like the moron when someone's crumb snatcher comes barreling out of store, out of control and into the roadway DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE DOORS, and I nearly run the two legged varmit over. { then mom is yelling at me for almost running over her little angel !!}

So, now I go into the store and see all this food, of which, I don't know what it is. That which I do know and like, I can't cook. So, now I look like a re-re wandering about the isles of whatever it is, not really sure of what I want.

{ How do you women do it? Today is Monday and you already know what you are in the mood for 3 weeks from today???? Are my wires loose? I don't know what I want right now, how am I suppossed to know next week?}

Ok, so I got the only stuff that match my abilities, tastes, budget. This is usually something simple { I am a guy, you know}. I got 10 Michelina's nuclear dinners, all the same stuff. I also have, in my possession, several 2 liters of Coke { hate coffee, need caffine} and a loaf of bread.

During my aimlees wandering through the building I do encounter old folks. I say nothing, just take another isle. It is here that I am crotch rammed by some high strung, high speed child screaming and running chased only by mom who is pushing her cart at high speed scaring the hell out of little girly sue who is sitting in the trust seat. {so called because you really gotta trust someone pushing you backwards through that kind of zoo}.

I'm ok. I survived by ducking and weaving, weaving and ducking. I am at the front.

All 30 cash registers are there. You have the "chance it" self check-outs that almost always require assistance from someone else, then the "speed lines, you know those. "10 items or less". They are usually the ones with 85 people and all of them have I don't know, maybe a cart full, plus or minus 10 items. { Thats it !! The sign means "10 items or less" of a cart full }.

Then you have the nice ladies at their respective machines of bank busting capabilities.

I think I will go to the real person isle. On my journey there, I see a 600 pound woman riding an electric cart. She sees the open isle I am walking toward. Suddenly, the cart starts to pick up speed, a look of contest comes about her face and she is racing me to this isle. { do I look like a jackass and bust off in a sprint? or just let her go?}. I stop and smile, nodding my head for her to go. Then, she slows and takes her time. It doesn't matter to her that I am lugging all this stuff, SHE is the one with the in-store transportation.

Then, I get to the kind lady who really doesn't care if I bought my foodstuff or I bought everything not edible or if I bought a cart full of condoms. All she wants to know is paper or plastic?, foodstamps?, credit card?, debit card?
I say cash and she is suddenly struck with confusion. She pauses, and pushes a couple buttons. Yep. They accept cash; life is good after all.

As I pay, the lady of fine clothing says " not married, huh?" "Excuse me???" I say. "Well, married men would never buy such garbage". "yea, huh-uh" I retort.

As I head to my truck, where my dog, Junior is waiting,wondering what kind of treasure I am bringing, I am nearly ran over by someone who is just trying to get into the parking lot.

Why do they put driveways right infront of the door like that? What if I got run over? My Coke would have ruined from the violent shaking as it skidded across the parking lot.

Things I would rather do:

spend three hours on a long distance, collect call from Tokyo. {It would be cheaper}

bash my finger with a hammer while trying drive a nail { It wouldn't hurt as much as the crotch ramming child}

put my nose in some old, worn out sneakers. { Gotta smell better than some shoppers/old folks}

get a vasectemy. { Time better spent}
Old 05-30-2006, 06:54 AM   #7
I'm a rare creature. A female that HATES shopping with a passion. It seems that no matter what time I go, the store is filled with idiots that have no common courtesy and wouldn't know what "polite" was if it came up and hit them across the head with a clue-by-four.

Some of the (many) reasons why I hate shopping:

People who park in the aisles, then are extremely rude if asked nicely to move.

People who talk on the cell phones, while parked in the middle of the aisle, then won't even acknowledge you when asked politely to move, or continue their conversation even louder (I really don't want to hear about how Cindy is dating Bob behind Jane's back!).

People pushing their carts really fast in the store, and nearly run you over when you're trying to leave an aisle (It's a WalMart!! Not the Indy 500!!)

Parents who let their kids run wild in the store.

The people who scream at the poor cashier when something rings up the wrong price. The cashiers have nothing to do with the programming of the computers, it's not their fault! (I saw a girl reduced to tears by a jack screaming at her)

People without IDs, trying to buy beer, and screaming at the cashier because the sale is refused. Don't blame the cashier when she won't break store policy and state law for you.

Annoying Brittany Spears wannabes all using the changing rooms at the same time, all wanting to show off their new sleazy outfits to eachother and all I have is ONE pair of jeans I want to try on.

People screaming at the cashier when their credit card/debit card is declined. Cashiers don't know why the computer declined the card, take it up with your bank!
Old 05-30-2006, 08:01 AM   #8
Well guys lets talk about shopping in a commissary (military grocery store). First off, there are arrows in the isles and if you go against them (which I always do because I don't pay attention nor care about the stupid arrows) you will receive death stares from some officer's wife who thinks she owns the place because her husband is a Colonel. And you want to talk about brats.... You have never seen BRATS until you have seen military brats (the kids of officers are just like officer wives, they think they own the place).
We get paid every 1st and 15th and that is the day EVERYONE on post goes grocery shopping. I am usually the person running a day late so by the time I get there, the shelves are empty. I get the meat with all the fat hanging off it, the crushed bread, and the tomatoes with worms. And you think standing in line out there is bad.... Retirees will drive 100 miles to shop at the commissary to save $1.00 so they have like 5 carts of food. Talk about watching paint dry....
and to top it all off, there are baggers that work there for tips only and if you tell them you want to carry your own groceries its like you slapped them in the face or something. When they do carry them if you hand them $2 they look at you like you handed them a penny.
I knew there was a reason I got remarried........
Old 05-30-2006, 11:36 AM   #9
HAHAHAHA!!! Being a former military brat, I can identify. My Mom only got to Tech Sargent and Dad was a civil servant - so I wasn't that snotty. Then there was the 4 year period where Mom was out of the Air Force, and so it was just my civil servant Dad - you'd think we had become the pond scum of the base!

I had forgoten all about the baggers. However, the direction lines must be a new thing, as I never saw them.
Old 05-30-2006, 01:34 PM   #10
Along with some of those that others see as annoying I must add one. We have self checkout stands in most grocery stores, hardware stores, and Walmarts. It bugs the heck out of me when someone is standing in front of me in one of the self checkout lines and they do not know what they are doing. They scratch their heads and stare blankly at the machine like a monkey doing a math problem.

So I usually try to help them out and get them through the proccess quicker. They think I do it because I am a nice guy, but nope, I do it for me so I can get out of the store in under 5 hours.

If they cannot use it, then they should not try to! Or wait until the store closes and then they can have the machine all to them.

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