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Board of Inquiry® This forum is provided exclusively for the discussion of specific persons or businesses in the herp industry. On 02-02-2020 the BOI will be deleted.

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Old 11-09-2003, 02:34 PM   #1
Unhappy Derek Roberts/Sonoran Reptiles-Bad Guy

I've seen that others have posted that he is a good guy. I wish I could agree. My boyfriend and I purchased animals from him from an ad on classifieds. He emailed acknowledging that he received the money order and said he would ship the animals. The last correspondence we've received from him was on Oct. 8th. We still have not received the animals. He has not replied to our emails, nor has he returned our several phone calls requesting a refund of our money or shipment of animals.
Old 11-09-2003, 05:11 PM   #2
Hi Jules! Does this guy have a website or anything?
Old 11-09-2003, 07:00 PM   #3
The BoidSmith

Have you asked Adam Block? According to him, Derek took care of his snakes for a while. Adam might know how to get a hold of him or at least point you in the right direction.

Good luck!
Old 11-10-2003, 05:56 AM   #4
Adam Block
Derek Had a broken ankle that's been effecting him and I know he's missed work and been having troubles from that.

I can assure you that you haven't been ripped off! Try calling him at work today, (520) 326-1218.

I'm a friend of his and at times it takes me a few weeks to get in touch with him. Same with Chad Fuchs and Walt Deptula, hell I been trying to call Walt for 9 months and just got ahold of him yesterday.

Derek has done more on this site silently then most people know and has helped in many situations so as I said I can assure you that you're not being taken.
Old 11-10-2003, 08:46 AM   #5
The boyfriend told me last night that he has received an email from Derek. I understand how life can get in the way, but a quick email to acknowledge our concern would have saved a lot of grief. It has been over a month now and we still don't have the cash or the snakes. I'm sure you would be as frustrated as we are if this had happened to you with someone you had never done business with before. At least he's emailed now and I'll trust what you are saying and wait to see what happens.
Old 11-10-2003, 09:32 AM   #6
Classic Dum's
For anyone who is unaware of the situation last year. Adam Block came on the BOI and started a thread about Kevin & NERD. He claimed to have purchased a ball python from Kev that later on died of some mysterious desease caused by dehydration. Adam claimed to have personally kept the ball himself in imaculate conditions and after having/caring for it for several months.After several months this animal that Adam couldnt even prove he or Derek ever owned/bought etc. supposidly died of something and Adam claimed it was due to improper care given by Kev. At one point Adam told Kev if he gave him half the value of the ball python worth of animals he would drop it and walk away. Now it is just my opinion but I dont think there ever was a ball python I think Adam seen someone who had a good reputation that he could black mail into a free animal. However thats just my opinion. However if there ever really was a ball python it is now obvious that this was a scam set up by not only Adam Block but Derek here as well.

Posted by Derek Roberts
And finally, Ritchie, you know who I am as we have corresponded on another thread recently and I would just like you to know that you are completely wrong about Adam's fictitious dead ball python. I was there when he received it, I watched it eat, I watched it deteriorate, and I saw the aftermath. If you would like to discuss this further, you know my #.
Now take note to how Derek flat out lies. He claims" Richie was wrong about Adams fictitious ball" he says he was there when ADAM(he) reiceved it. He says he watched it deteriorate, well of course he did the ball python was his.

Posted by Adam Block
Fact of the matter is the snake (albino ball) was kept by Derrek Roberts
if there was an actual Ball Python a year later the truth comes out. Giving credit where credit is due I must say Richie did one hell of a job ferreting the above qoute out of Adam. Why would Derek sit back and allow Adam to do what he did???? When in fact the animal(if there was one) belonged to him? I realy dont know what to make of this. Its pretty sad though when one person can sit back and allow another to slander/liable someone like Derek did when this person didnt even own the animal they claimed was theres. Then Derek comes on here and lies and backs Adams claims.
Old 11-10-2003, 12:52 PM   #7
Classic Dum's
Personally I dont believe there was an albino ball python from NERD that died. I think this was all made up garbage meant to strong arm Kevin into free animals. However for the sake of this I will assume and respond as though there was one from Kev that died.
Adam cold not produce a receipt for the animal or anything at all to prove it came from Kevin other then Dereks word.Derek couldnt rember what was bought from who he claimed to have bought two albino balls and one het. Kevin rembers selling an albino and a het togther but Adam claims Derek says he only bought an albino from Kev and purchased the pr from someone else. Now with this we have found that Derek holds absolutly no credibilty as he sat back for over a year watched Adam lie about the whole situation and even came here as recent as two weeks ago and backed up Adams lies. So if there was an actual albino ball that came from NERD that one of these two owned and killed considering they couldnt even produce a receipt for the animal my opnion is it was purchased from someone else, probally a hobbyist with only a couple animals. Then when Derek killed the animal the whole thread was nothing more the an elborate set by the both of them. NERD has a very good reputation within this buisness. So if they could make it appear as though the animal came from NERD and it was somehow Kevins fault it died,they could strong arm Kevin into giving them something to replace the animal.
Posted by Adam
I purchase my animals from the breeders I do is because I feel they are big enough people in this business with enough of a reputation at risk to be trusted
Actually instead of saying "at risk to be trusted" it should say "at risk to be blackmailed" probally just a goof on his part
They were more likely to get a larger amount of return from someone like Kevin then if they went after a hobbyist. Also looking down the road if the replacement was from Kevin(NERD) it would have a higher resale value for the animal itsself and any offsrping it produced. We all know that something coming from Kev or any of the other "big names" has higher sale value then animals coming from a hobbyist. As I said the above is just my opnion based on what has happened and looking at the change of events the above theory makes perfect sense to me. Below is some more quotes that help outline my theory. Some are redundant from my prior post however I felt important along with some of the others I have been pulling from the older threads.

Posted by Adam
8/02 My partner purchased an Albino ball python at the Daytona Show.
Above Adam is claiming Derek was his partner. Now below he is claining Derek was not.
There was never any "partnership" per say made.
Below Adam is refering to the albino ball python.
8/05 The animal was place in my care, was feeding fair and in good physical condition.
The below qoute was posted by Derek only a couple weeks ago

I would just like you to know that you are completely wrong about Adam's fictitious dead ball python. I was there when he received it,
This quote was posted by Adam only a couple of days ago, he planly states it was kept by Derek for the first two months

Fact of the matter is the snake (albino ball) was kept by Derrek Roberts for the first 2 months.
Take note to the quotes by Adam above 8(aug.)/02/2002 he claimed it was purchased by partner. Then on 8/05/2002 he received it. Then

10/02 The animal was fed and two days later ended up regurgitating her meal between nine and eleven pm. Less then twelve hours later the animal was dead.
He claims it regurged and died two days later which would be 10/04/2002. He says it was with Derek for the first two months. So what we have here is either it was with Derek up till it died, then they both lied. 8/02/2002-10/04/2002 = 2months and 2 days. Or it was with Derek till the day it regurge(exactly 2 months) then after it regurged these two decided they were going to shuffle it from house to house and cage to cage further stressing it out(which right there would explain cause of death) in which case Adam would have actually told the truth for once(what a concept) or Adam completly lied about the time of death along with everything else because he didnt post the thread about Kevin till Jan of 2003 over 3 months after he claimed the animal died.

Now lastly below are several more qoutes from Adam showing how he claimed the animal was in his care.
As for the snakes drinking. I of course can't say it drank each and every day. I will however say I never saw the snake go more then 5 days without taking a dip in it's water dish.
Humm now this below quote is cute. How was he assured of anything when in fact it was his so called partner that bought the animals in Daytona when he was in AZ?
I was assured that I was getting a healthy animal free of any troubles
From who?

4) The snake ALWAYS had water while in my care.
Always had water in his care? Maybe he is refering to once it died. Maybe it was kept in his fridge and he watered it there, i dunno
I was trying to relay that the snake was in my care three days after it was purchased.
OH REALLY??? Not only did he say that once but said almost the same thing twice within a couple pages
I was trying to convey the snake was in my care three days after her purchase
I thought the below qoute was cute to typical Adam trying to play both sides of the court.
I place no fault in that post and I ask for nothing other then peoples thoughts on the topic at hand.
I would feel as if the deal was made right by replacing that Albino with a het Albino.

Yup Adam you have proven Richie to be a liar and blowing smoke up everyones butt once again LMAO!!!! Shame on you Ritchie you somehow managed to trip Adam in yet another lie and your the one who is blowing smoke. Oh good work by the way LOL
The below qoute was taken from an email Adam sent to Richie Lune.
Also Ritchie, because I know you hate lier SO much and that whileyou're mistaken I'm a lier . I thought I would keep you from blowing any more smoke up anybodies ass
I posted this same post in both this and Adams currently running thread as it seems relavent to both. Howveer if Rich considers this off topic for one I apoligize. To me this seems to tie their relationship toghter and answer some questions about this whole scam.
Old 11-10-2003, 02:05 PM   #8
And this pertains to Jules_'s situation how? Sure.. something bad might have happened earlier.. but.. there is already a thread about it.. and.. I don't see why bringing it up now helps Jules_ at all.
Old 11-10-2003, 02:07 PM   #9
Suncoast Herpetological

I think it is definitely pertinent. It gives anither example of possible misconduct by the gentleman she is having trouble with.
Old 11-10-2003, 02:26 PM   #10
Classic Dum's
its his name in the header by rules were supposed to use exsisting threads, because of the mangnatude of this I would love to see a new thread opened about this more people would read it. This thread and the one with 'adam block banging on the front door" most people probally wont read. Hardly anyone knows who derek look at how few reads this thread has. and the one about Adam well when it keeps bouncing to the top with mine or Richies name in the reply section i dont think many will pay attention because it looks as though, adam, richie and myself are just at it again. this is new and IMO very important, more important then any of the previous threads. for a year derek knowingly allowed Adam to lie and slander/liable a company, even came here two weeks ago and backed Adam and those lies up, he flat our said he seen the animal delivered to Adam, we now know that to be a bold faced lie. Im speachless over the whole deal I cant believe someone would have the gull to come here and do what Adam did, nor that Derek could knowingly allow it to go on. This takes the cake. Truely Unbeilevable.

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