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General Business Discussions This is a general purpose forum open to business related topics concerning Reptiles and Amphibians that are neither appropriate for the Board of Inquiry, nor sales, purchase, or trade solicitations.

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Old 02-15-2017, 10:15 PM   #31
Originally Posted by snowgyre View Post
I called it correctly. You are high maintenance and that is being forgiving, I would say more except for the moderator kindly reminding the folks frustrated with you in this thread to avoid name calling. You have been added to my personal do-not-buy-from-or-sell-to list, and probably the lists of others here.

And just to clarify, my original post was not meant to be inflammatory, it was an interpretation of how you were coming off to people who didn't know you. You ended up proving all of my points in it though. Way to live up to the reputation. e_e
You get the award then! You said it, people had to be reminded of the name calling which the members started, in fact I just made a statement about the lack of customer service and it has now turned into a tit-for-tat because I frustrated so many with my observation.

I do not really care about do not buy or sell lists as much as I do not care about Karma points. If you had been paying attention, I took my money elsewheres. I spent over $1000 in the past month. Money that could had went to sellers on this forum, but because of the rudeness, I took my money to other breeders that catered to my "High Maintenance" needs.

Glad I proved your point. Hope you feel good and it made your day. Perhaps if I misinterpret what you said, you should reflect on how you wrote it. But you may be an elitist that I stated earlier and cannot be bothered by this. I get it.
Old 02-15-2017, 10:48 PM   #32
Old 02-15-2017, 11:03 PM   #33
Originally Posted by Jynxx25 View Post
You're just not packing enough where it counts.
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Old 02-15-2017, 11:08 PM   #34
Originally Posted by Herpin Man View Post
I have noticed the same thing.
What you need to realize is that the herp "business" is not like most other businesses. Herp sellers do not necessarily have any background in business, sales, or customer service. Rather, they are hobbyists that decided, to whatever degree, to make a business out of it. Many herp sellers don't necessarily have the same service or communications skills one would expect when purchasing other products. This is especially apparent in the BOI; the way some "business" people talk to their customers when there is a dispute can be truly horrific.
On the other hand, I think that herp sellers can become jaded after a period of time. The daily grind of answering questions for dreamers, tire kickers and others with no intention of buying, scammers, low-ballers, shoplifters etc. probably gets old after a while. I think this is particularly true in the case of retail herp store owners. That is one reason that I have never wanted to own a pet store.
For the buyer, the solution is relatively simple- only buy from sellers that offer good service and treat their customers with respect. There are quite a few of them here.
I agree. I spent a good hour talking to the manager of the pet store I purchase my feeders from. He has over 200 breeds of corn snakes. Some of the rarer types that he is charging a few thousand dollars for.

It was nice to see someone enthused and willing to help me by offering information on his background on breeding.

He stated that while someone is purchasing a snake from someone else to save $50-$100; what are they really saving? The breeder's reputation is worth an extra $50-100 if you know you are getting a quality breed with documentation to show such quality.

He told me he has pics of the snakes breeding, clutching eggs, and hatching. Included is all the timestamps of feeding, shedding, and other information. He stated this may be overkill, but you know you are getting a quality snake from him and has the documentation to prove it.
Old 02-15-2017, 11:12 PM   #35
Originally Posted by Fangthane View Post
You're just not packing enough where it counts.
Work on your GED junior. Because in certain job markets, you are not even a statistic.
Old 02-15-2017, 11:16 PM   #36
Originally Posted by Jet76 View Post
I agree there are guys that are difficult to buy from and I've even received poorly packaged animals from "big names". I have also received some great stuff from some people that's never been heard of. Long story short, check the BOI, it is a great tool. If you spend enough time on here, you can quickly figure out, the good and the bad.
Thanks. Yeah I did see a do's and don't on purchasing from private breeders selling on online forums. One issue was to be cautious on those who want you to pay as friends and family using PayPal. Grant it PayPal does not protect you as a buyer for live animals, so I am told. But funding with a credit card you can pursue a refund through the credit card company. Which I only did this with airline tickets (airline when out of business before my trip).
Old 02-15-2017, 11:36 PM   #37
Originally Posted by AbsoluteApril View Post
On a personal note - I see nothing wrong with wanting questions answered and more specific details provided. If the seller doesn't provide the info I want, I move on (assuming it wasn't already in the description or other replies and I missed it).

Sometimes I think my ads are too wordy but I'd rather provide as much information as possible.

I guess my question is your comment about the issues being specific to 'this site'. I have dealt with plenty of good and bad buyers/sellers on this site and other sites as well. I haven't noticed anything specifically bad about sellers only on this site as compared to others?
Yeah I do move on. There are some breeders that have rarities that I would like to purchase, but... well... just read my posts and you'll know my frustration.

My auctions on eBay are too wordy as well. But it is seller's protection as eBay really caters to the buyer.

I had began with this site in the buying/selling portion. I originally join this site as research as I wanted to get back into breeding Ball Pythons as I have not done so since the 90's. Seeing how now people are using sonograms and digital scales that were either unheard of back then or just not available for this hobby.

I did my initial research online and the information varies. So another research method is to ask those who had been successful.

I researched several areas including craigslist,, and several other brick-and-mortar specialty online stores. All sellers/breeders took time to answer questions, even this site. But this site I received more rudeness from sellers/breeders.

I will admit I am jaded as my first online purchase of a reptile was through this site. The snake died 8 days later.

Yes I should had gone through BOI, but the seller stated and re-stated he only guarantees a live arrival and only if someone signs for it. My wife took delivery, I came home for lunch to get the snake in the new terrarium, and everything was fine.

The snake did not eat for a few days, which I asked the seller when was the last time he fed it, in which he stated I already told you every 7-10 days. He stated he did not understand as the snake is a great eater.

The White Diamond and Purple Passion that I recently got ate on the second day.

Well, live and learn. I am out a few hundred there is nothing I can legally do as it states only guarantee a live arrival. This is one of the reason I ask and even call breeders now to share my story. Some say if that happens, let them know and they will take care of me. Hey they got a $450 sale from me and I will be buying from him again.
Old 02-16-2017, 04:45 AM   #38
Originally Posted by Jynxx25 View Post
Work on your GED junior. Because in certain job markets, you are not even a statistic.
Seriously? Cut the crap, it's not even remotely cute. Your criticizing someone for not having graduated high school yet you are acting like a bratty little kid who throws a tantrum every time someones opinion isn't the same as yours.
Old 02-16-2017, 11:13 AM   #39
Originally Posted by juliasara View Post
Seriously? Cut the crap, it's not even remotely cute. Your criticizing someone for not having graduated high school yet you are acting like a bratty little kid who throws a tantrum every time someones opinion isn't the same as yours.
Thank you for joining the conversation and welcome to this discussion.

Cut the crap... no, not when people are responding to the point of verbal attacks and name calling. Fangthane (if you read through the discussion, which seems to be a pet peeve with most members) came in verbally chastising me. If someone is going to sarcastically comment on my accomplishments, I am definitely going to point out the lack of their's.

it's not even remotely cute... not trying to be cute, just sarcastic. Not in a roll your eyes sort of way . But more of omg this guy is a jerk, lol!

you are acting like a bratty little kid who throws a tantrum every time someones opinion isn't the same as yours... again read through the forums (pet peeve of users on this site...). I posted a comment and my experience, I cannot help if it was taken as a generalization and members (sellers/buyers alike) became offended. It's criticism from my experience of making a purchase and inquiring about other sales.

There are other member (very few) that actually had meaningful and contributing responses and I responded to those in a professional, logical, and curious manner.

But those who are offering their opinion are not contributing to this discussion. If they want to help, post some examples, give some guidance. Similar to what I stated earlier when I saw a list of buyer beware that should raise a red flag about a seller.

For those who antagonize, provoke, and/or "troll" me with names and questions about my experience (inexperience), mannerism, and being a new member; then I respond accordingly and in the same way.
Old 02-16-2017, 02:05 PM   #40
Robert Walker
Originally Posted by Jynxx25 View Post
If they want to help, post some examples, give some guidance.
Sure. This is directly from the Classified Ad that seems to have triggered your thread here.

Classified Ad states (in the very first line):
Originally Posted by RodentBreath View Post
This thread is kept up to date, the snakes listed are available and will be actively removed as they are reserved/sold.
Your response to his ad:
Originally Posted by Jynxx25 View Post
Are these still available?
The seller took the time to list out a very specific detail, in advance, and put it right at the beginning of his ad versus bury it further down. If you are looking for guidance moving forward, simple, avoid asking a question that is "already" clearly stated. Your response was not a question of deeper discovery regarding the animal.

Super simple guidance.

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