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Canadian Board of Inquiry® This forum is provided exclusively for the discussion of specific persons or businesses in the Canadian herp industry. YOUR FULL NAME is required for each message you post.

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Old 08-28-2013, 12:47 PM   #21
Thank you for that post and information Katia!
Old 08-28-2013, 01:22 PM   #22
Originally Posted by AaronSerio View Post
Katia, that was a really good post. Thanks for the information from BC.

The one point I dislike about the 3 meter rule is apparently you can own any species up until the individual snake hits the banned size. I hope they close that loophole so any species getting that size can't be owned at all. I'm sure we'd see a lot less animals being starved so people can keep them.
If that was the case that would put boas and carpet pythons on the ban list. They both have the potential to get that large, but rarely do. Doesn't mean they should be outright banned because a select few individuals might get over nine feet long. Would you ban BCC's but not BCI's? Coastals and Bredli but not Jungles or Irian Jaya's? I for one am very glad that they did it that way instead of banning those species. If my baby coastal ever hits nine feet, you bet I'll apply for a permit.
Old 08-28-2013, 03:34 PM   #23
You're welcome for the post, that is what I messaged Kevin McCurley, though I fear my message landed in his "Other" inbox on Facebook. (Did you guys even know there was such a thing as the "Other" inbox? Lots do not know of this). I have tried to post it various places on Facebook, but I think it is too long, as it won't let me.

It does not appear the message has been read, though I'm not certain it will have any impact, as a lot of that information (less the statements from Dr. Walton and NIRRS) have been posted to the NERD wall already.

I do hope all of my information is accurate, though I am not claiming to know it all. This is just research I have conducted since all of this went down, and most of what I posted is right there for all to see on the BC Gov's website, anyways.

But if anybody knows anything else, please correct me if I am wrong.

It is just incredibly frustrating to sit back here and see people going on about stuff they know NOTHING about. They know nothing of BCs laws, nothing of WHY the animals could not simply be rehomed. It's frustrating and saddening to see some people, even seemingly REPUTABLE people sitting there and saying stuff such as "WTF Canada, get it together." Or "BC, you're really fucking up right now!"

I do not want to be lumped into these categories. I obey the laws, I only keep legal species. I would love to have a Burm, or a collection of Albino Garter Snakes, but I do not. I don't have the ability to provide the requirements needed to be granted a CAS permit.

I just want to give a more accurate picture to the outsiders of what is REALLY going on. And it's good that we have avenues for that such as the BOI, because I just cannot keep up with the posts elsewhere...
Old 08-28-2013, 03:45 PM   #24
As for the 3 meter rule, yes. It's sketchy. People probably do not apply for permits when the times comes, IF the time comes.

And let's be realistic you guys measure your snakes?

I get emails all the time saying "how long is it" and I tell them I can give an estimate, but it may or may not be accurate, as I do not measure my snakes. HOW can you measure a snake?

I know for awhile there was an app you could use where you take an aerial view of the snake, with a ruler in the photo. You then tell the app the units of measurement, and you put little dots down the snakes back and it calculates the length for you.

Is it totally accurate? Not likely. How do CO's measure snakes to determine weather or not they need a permit........? There is no "calibration" or "control" for snake measurements.

So this is a sketchy grey area and I honestly do not know of any solutions which would not create some kind of unforseen fallout after legislation is changed. I do not think that closing the loophole would be beneficial to anybody because yes, that would put boas and carpets on the Prohibited list because SOME of them can reach that length.
Old 08-28-2013, 05:55 PM   #25

here is another link where j is trying to gain more sympathy and people are giving it to him,
its absolutely bs at how many people are on his side, he was keeping these animals illegally knowing if he got caught they would be euthanized!

it will be nice to see what kind of fines or jail time he is looking at!
Old 08-28-2013, 07:33 PM   #26
It saddens me that he isn't temporarily silenced while his steam airs off.
The harm this man does to us is huge and I dislike it.

Please stop Jay. Admit you broke the law and then did something to get you caught - not paying rent.
Sure, stuff happens and money gets tight but, really? Breaking the law then complaining when the law is enforced?

The only thing that more complaints will do right now is hurt the hobby and Canada. The more loud-mouthing that goes on claiming he's in the right, the more people will collect everybody who owns reptiles into one "Jay" pile and I don't want to be there right now... I'm happy with my cute little corn snake pile thank you.

The more complaints that go through about how the officers were corrupt the more people will hate Canada and the less likely that we'll have tourism... which hurts people who work in that industry...

Continue to whine does NOTHING for anybody. Nothing. It doesn't bring back the animals that were kept illegally, it doesn't save them. It doesn't do anything aside from negative(if I'm wrong please somebody let me know).

Please stop Jay. For everybody, including what animals you have left. If you truly care about them so much... you will stop. Don't lose what they left you with... accept the fines and admit you did wrong and move forward and try to be a good person. Please.
Old 08-28-2013, 11:54 PM   #27
Originally Posted by moreau View Post
If that was the case that would put boas and carpet pythons on the ban list. They both have the potential to get that large, but rarely do. Doesn't mean they should be outright banned because a select few individuals might get over nine feet long. Would you ban BCC's but not BCI's? Coastals and Bredli but not Jungles or Irian Jaya's? I for one am very glad that they did it that way instead of banning those species. If my baby coastal ever hits nine feet, you bet I'll apply for a permit.
No those probably wouldn't be under the ban. Why? You described the exceptions to the rule of the species. Last time I checked I didn't really see any writings that put the average length for those species or subspecies at 10+ feet.

Like I said, in a roundabout way it encourages people to underfeed animals that SHOULD become larger. It's quite common to see "giant" species not so giant at ages they should be "giant".

Anyway, we're off topic.
Old 09-08-2013, 08:21 PM   #28
Creative Exotics
Ok first off I am going to say a few things. Yes I did have a few animals that were not permitted, and I should have got the neccisary permits for them, this Vet killed animals as it was his call! The decision was on the vet there was not only one thing that could happen to these animals, They could have been shipped out that evening to my partner in Ontario and they would all be alive and well. But because the vet gets paid to kill these animals that was his chice, he does not care about the well fair of these animals as he works for the conservation officers. The law has so many loop holes. And was put in place because of a large cat I think a tiger, that swatted at there owner because she was wearing a dress and the cat wanted to play as she usually wore pants but was heading out. The Cat cut her main artery in her leg. Many people don't want to hear it but all the keepers of these animals that keep them properly like I was should be able to keep these animals.
Because some pencil pusher that doesn't know about snakes makes a call and doesn't have a clue, These so called "Conservation Officers" don't conserve life, they destroy it, not to mention many don't like reptiles, as everyone said they hated snakes and made them to seem evil creatures. Why would you have people dealing with situation who are scared or don't like the animals they deal with on a daily basis. This is one of the many flaws in our goverments rules and regulations. This Country is suppose to be a democrocy when we are indeed a dictatorship!
They are going around and killing animals before they look into anything. This is wrong and barbaric! If this was any other animal they would not have killed them. but because its a reptile they feel it is right! NO it is not. You people need someone to blame how about the Vet who had the last call Dr. ADRIAN WALTON. He is suppose to be here for the reptile community! Common use your heads guys this guy is a paid murderer for the Government!
The BC Conservation Officers like Detective Doyle that sit at a desk and don't have a clue should not be incharge. These people are taking away our rights and are killing animals that are rare. If someone had a White Rhino illegally they would not kill it. The animal would go to a zoo. The BCSPCA even had enough money to fund a Rat Rescue! What the hell is going on with the people in charge and how do you people not see the truth about these murderers! They can fund a rat rescue and save pests and they have to kill animals insantly without asking questions! Doesn't make any sense to me!

Alll of the animals were under lock and key and kept very well! The conservation officers lied and said I don't have the animals when they pushed me to get them out. They wanted me to put them in a uhaul even without out a place to take them. They didn't even check on the facitity I had. They posed in the paper they were at a facility and when I could care for them they would be back! These Conservation Officers are Killers and Liars. Also how they said there was a "Public Saftey Risk"! There was no risk the animals were in locked cages! Dr. Walton broke the locks and Euthenized the animals. He also let 2 needles that I have now and I think there will be more when I do end up Going through the enclosures in my storage unit!

So there is some info for everyone to comprehend! This will not be the last you hear from me as I will be going after everyone that was involved in this mass murder of animals!
Old 09-08-2013, 08:30 PM   #29
Creative Exotics
Originally Posted by bmm View Post
I am so sick of this idea that keeping exotic animals is a right not a privilege. These are LIVING creatures. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, if you are getting evicted, I am sorry but you should NOT own a multitude of exotic animals and you certainly should not be responsible for over 50 of their lives when they are giants. Wtf? It's like I'm living on Mars.

I am tired of these low lifes thinking it's o.k. to cram 50+ large animals into their rental home and call themselves breeders. That's not a professional breeder no matter how many times you call it a "facility" or refer to yourself as "we"..... You are a low life animal hoarding backyard breeder. Just because you "want them" doesn't mean you should have 100 of them. A little restraint, common sense and responsibility would have made this situation a LOT LESS tragic. Like you know, knowing they are illegal and you are not able to OWN a home so possibly owning only ONE or NONE? Keeping something smaller? You cannot argue to me that owning even more then 1 Reticulated Python is a good idea until you OWN a house to provide a long term stable environment for them unless you have a large unrestricted cash flow to maintain your rental long term. It's not about you. It's about the long term health, stability and safety of the animal and we aren't talking about a corn snake. So forgive me if I think people who want 15+ foot snakes should be a little more ahead in life and past the point of midnight evictions and living paycheck to paycheck. It's frustrating. I'd love a few monitors, but my husband and I are currently renting and it's not fair to start purchasing giant meat eating creatures that require heat, light and space until I can provide those things guaranteed long term in a house I OWN that no one can evict me from.

If you suggest that online or on forums, you are ripped apart for saying "poor people shouldn't own pets" Well these aren't pets. They are exotic animals. Instead of encouraging underage people, financially strapped people and otherwise incapable people of owning these animals, we need to start frowning on this behavior, respecting the professional breeders more that do it RIGHT, and start getting these people OUT of our hobby.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. It's just horrible sad that the snakes are the lives that paid for this. And it will continue. Heck, even just after this happened and he posted about his side of the story, one of the largest breeders offered the dude MORE retics one day should he want to get back into it! This is not something that will stop anytime soon if this stuff is o.k.....
Your wrong about everything! Once I meet with Global news again you will see that the landlord and me are going to court as he forged documents from the RTB SO NO I WAS NOT GETTING EVICTED and I have all the proof of this from my back so gets your facts straight before you comment bud.

And saying backyard hoarding breeder, You make me laugh man. All my animals were cared for better then some of the so called large breeders with 1000 plus animals! All my animals were cared for and were in top quality cages with top quality equipment to keep there environment as close as there natural environment!

My animals were my life and I can't say how many times I went to a "Big Professional Breeders" and the animals are underfed and mite infested! So you need to give your head a shake! As you don't have a clue!
Old 09-08-2013, 08:55 PM   #30
Creative Exotics
Originally Posted by K9dr View Post
In what seems to be a game of wack a mole, I will once again repeat the following. While I will not discuss specific cases I will respond to Dewdney Animal Hospital CAS rescue permit. At the present time Dewdney Animal Hospital has the only permit to hold CAS rescue animals in BC. Our facility consists of 1 boaphile cage with 3 dividers (4 cages), 2 24x 12 cages, 2 36x 18 cages. Three home made PVC 48x24 cages and 1 6'x2' cage. Currently we are housing a nile monitor and a 6 ft burmese python. 3 other cages contain either clinic animals or non-CAS rescues. We are very limited in space, and while we have taken in as many as 20 small retics, we currently do not have access to the extra facility. Therefore we are unable to take in large numbers of animals. In general CAS animals live between 3-6 months at Dewdney prior to getting the correct permits to transfer to other provinces/countries. We receive no funding for these activities. We have no say over what SPCA or BCConservation services do, but we do reserve the right to refuse animals if we do not feel that we can adequatly take care of them. We have already expended hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to house, feed, ship and arrange the correct permits for animals in our care. In cases of seizures of large numbers of animals we are simply not equipped to handle the 3-6 months of care required before these animals could be transferred out of province. Sincerely Dr. Adrian Walton Dewdney Animal Hospital
Dr. Walton,

Did you not get paid to kill all of these animals? If you didn't kill them you wouldn't have got paid?! Now you told me on the phone and the Conservation Officers how well the animals were getting taken care of!

The decision was in your hands and you decided to kill the animals before speaking to me or telling the CO's they should speak to me so we can save the animals lives! You didn't even try. Kill and ask question later right. You really think this how the animals should be treated! Your a Vet and was my vet! You told me I could bring Non registered Prohibited animals in to your vet clinic! How many people and there animals have you seen Dr. Walton! You left needles in the cages witch my lawyer now has! And I was smart enough to take pictures of them in the cages!

Your suppose to be preserving life Dr. Adrian Walton not destroying peoples animals! There are many people in BC keeping these animals without permits! And I had 6 animals I bought in BC that you killed that were registered with the ministry! And LEGAL in BC and you killed them any way. Also the Black water pythons and a few Timor Pythons that took me 10 years to acquire!

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