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Field Collecting/Observing Sightings of herps in the wild, where-tos and how-tos, as well as photos of herps in their native environment.

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Old 06-23-2004, 11:01 PM   #1
eastern box turtle x-ing

so it just started raining yesterday around 3 in columbia, sc, while i was off to check one of my copperhead spots-a few weeks ago i found a gravid female which i left there in hopes to pull some more males there. anyways, i take a right out of my neighborhood and find a female eastern box sitting in the middle of the road. two minutes later, i see one just ahead scurrying to get off of the road-another female. not three miles or so down the road-another one-quick mover too-male who had been hit a few years ago but still has real nice colors and will be a good breeder-he attempted to mount both of the females in the front seat floorboard of my blazer on the way home. i take them home and put them in a big tupper-box and call my herpetologist uncle and tell him about it. he tells me he wants to see them and that he is coming over later on. it stopped raining and the sun came out, but just in time for it to start raining again so i couldnt help myself-i went back out and caught two more on the same road-one male and one questionable but i believe it to be female. at least two of the girls are still gravid and the other(s) may be-not a bad day. oh, and the only two snakes i saw were d.o.r. black racers-o well-i was satisfied.
Old 06-24-2004, 12:35 AM   #2
Glenn Bartley
What do you plan on doing with the Box Turtles?
Old 06-24-2004, 12:43 AM   #3
well-heres my opinion on this subject...people-like my mother and some of my friends disagree with taking an animal out of its environment-but i return with that if it is on the road and will be killed if the car behind me keeps going, i am doing the animal a favor...right? i have a turtle pen under construction in my new backyard. i have two other males already collected on snake-hunts this year and i will be going again for more box's tomorrow morning cause i see them d.o.r. all of the time-i just need to be the car that they encounter. i hope to get the females to drop and ill raise the youngens until i need to get rid of them. really pretty turtles-ill get some pictures posted of them. if this keeps up, ill name the "kennerly rd. specimens" and jack the price up 10 bucks or so.
t. bell
Old 06-24-2004, 10:41 AM   #4
Box4u, your complaint expands to each and ever person who has cought a herp in the wild, who has sold WC animals in there stores, and someone who buys a WC animal for pet. i meen you have the right to be mad. but theres really nothing to do. as long as people buy WC animals there will be a huge market for them. I dont think there are any laws in the carolinas about keep/selling box turtles. but there are defently laws in florida about not selling them. I have a florida box turtle as a pet that was given to me by a pet shop. some one brought her into the pet shop becuse they ran her over with a big rider lawnmower. she has been rehabed by me and lives great with my group of redfoots , and since then she has laid 3 eggs, but i would never think about selling the babys. are you telling me this female would have been better off in the wild? to many turtles and torts fall to the roads . maybe the only way to save them in by takeing them in and start captive breeding projects!!!! that will insure that boxies will be around forever.
Old 06-24-2004, 11:12 AM   #5
New post


All I am saying is that I think it is wrong to take a animal out of it's natural habitat for a profit. This guy said nothing about trying to help out the declining population, all he says is he wants to sell them and give them a special name so he can"add an extra 10 bucks to the price". I think this is terrible and should be stopped. people like this should get a job if they need a few dollars, or pick up bottles on the side of the road. Not only would he be doing something good for the earth he could make a profit. If he was taking the turtle off land that was being developed etc. to relocate would be a different thing. Or if he kept to breed and repopulate the wild, but he is going to sell them. That is why Eastern box turtles are getting more and more rare in areas where they were once very prolific.

Old 06-24-2004, 11:25 AM   #6
yeah i know what your saying, you almost never see an eastern in south florida. but like i said the Wild collection of herps will remain strong as long as people keep buying them. and even if he is doing it for a profit, will he not produce alot of babys that will goto alot of homes where they will be loved pets? and even tho where captive dont you think the boxies would be happy.
Old 06-24-2004, 11:37 AM   #7
first of all, the "jacking up of the price 10 dollars" thing was a joke-and in response to someone else's inquery-not yours for you to give me your opinion on what i do. second of all-since when has the middle of the road been natural habitat for box turtles or any other animals for that matter? seems i am doing nature a justice if i can save some of these guys. third of all-im not sure how long you have been in this sort of business, and i am positive you have never dealt with DNR or widelife comissions on any subjects or you would know that relocating wildcaught animals is atop their list of "no-no's" or at least it is here in south carolina. fourth of all-i have licenses that say i can do whatever i want to with the eggs that i hatch in captivity from anything from black racers to spotted turtles and give them whatever price i feel if i deem it necessarry straight from the wildlife commission and DNR so dont try to make me feel like i am doing an injustice when 80% of people on this forum and most likely done some field collecting or tradeed/bought wild caught animals. so if you think that taking five box turtles that were laying in the road waiting to get hit by cars into captivity, putting them in a nice outdoor enclosure free from harm by any animals or elements that could even try to get in-not mentioning car wheels, and hatching the little white things that they drop-giving them a better life than they every could expect to live crossing roads is a bad thing-i suggest you go start cashing in on those cans and bottles you were talking about (seems you were well aware of the amount of cash you could make from that-not me myself though, i have no idea.) sorry for this to everyone ELSE-i have to go now, it is about to start raining again...ill save the cans i find for you.
t. bell
Old 06-24-2004, 11:42 AM   #8
oh, one more thing, i like this Vince guy-though he has an attitude on some posts ive read of his-he seems to know what he is talking about. see you in daytona Vince-might check some billboards on the way down too...for cans of course.
t. bell
Old 06-24-2004, 01:43 PM   #9
No one gave you the right to play god.

You are in NO WAY helping by taking any animal that is crossing the road. Even though there is a road it is still there natural habitat, they don't live in the road. The road has been put down across there habitat, but it is still there habitat. True some get hit, but some do not. The one's you pick up how do you know if they are going to get hit? What if you see a female that is crossing the road to go lay eggs where she has been laying them for years and she would have made it across and laid her eggs and the hatchlings would have grown up in the wild but instead you come along take her home hatch out the hatchlings, sell them and they go off to homes where they are not breed and not in the wild. I would rather see a few get hit then to see none at all ever again. They are getting "HIT" from both sides now, the one's getting hit by cars and then people like you taking them out of the wild for a profit to never replace any back into the wild. That's great you have a liscence to sell Eastern box turtles, spotted turtles, black racers, all animals YOU can go catch where YOU live. Good job buddy you made your depleteing the wild population of it's natural wonders legal, still doesn't make it right. People who take animals from the wild to make a profit would never be able to agree with someone that tries to protect them from those very reasons. There are enough people breeding reptiles now that you should not have to go take animals from the wild to breed and make money. You are trying to make it seem like you care about there well being, but if you were you would not take them out of the wild to sell simple as that. Why don't you put up some turtle crossing signs so people get aware of the turtles and maybe educate them a little. It has worked well in towns that have put up signs where turtles are frequently seen crossing the road. Now that is helping them, with out having to take them from the wild.

Old 06-24-2004, 02:12 PM   #10
im sorry-i zoned out while reading your last post-picked up alot of cans this morning and exausted myself...what were you saying?

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