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Old 12-31-2017, 03:12 AM   #61
Yeah it’s a mess, because I’m trying to play catch up and defend myself over a bunch of computer nazis. I said I would refund he100$ I could care less for the 99th time man. If no one wants to look at my “mess” of evidence (pictures would be sufficient I would have thought, but by all the attacks on here against me and telling me I’m somehow the “bad guy” guess I’m wrong) seems like the majority of you guys here have a problem with me and the way I’m handling the situation..? Well like I’ve said I’m pissed and I have every right to be. I apologize for the mass info dump and unorganization of all the said evidence..

Sorry but this is my first online rant and evidently I don’t know when to shut up.
I said I would happily return his 100$ if the majority feels I somehow I’m trying to scam this guy ? Or somehow have buyers remorse?

Which btw is hilarious because I said, “im over it” and have been over it for a good week now. I’m not trying to let this ruin my holidays. I love lewisi BEEN catching desert iguanas with my cousins every summer by the dozens. I have no problem keeping this little guy and raising him up right (going to need a lot of work)

MY problem here is the guy sent me a different iguana than pictures excuse me Lewisi hybrid ... I don’t care about 100$ when 900$ is on the line. And honestly don’t care about he Money. Money comes and goes so please drop that whole arguement against me. I care about the fact this guy is trying to make me look like some ahole and because I come of like a dick and my info is a “mess” now I’m the bad guy. OK

I’ll say it again. I’m here for two reasons. Be aware of this guy. And to defend myself.

If I had only paid with my credit card or got a PayPal invoice we wouldn’t be here. Iguan would be returned and I’d have my money back.

Please answer this... if you felt you got ripped out and others with Hero experience agreed with you Would you return an animal (your only leverage) to the person who sent you a different iggy than pictured? Well would you!??

And remember folks the picture he sent me Via email was BEFORE I had the animal in hand. I say this because I realize the picture he sent me of the iguana in the cage looks like the one I received BUT PLEASE remember all I had to Go Off was the pictures Posted Here On Fauna. This is why I kept asking for clearer pictures and when he never sent more I didn’t want to go threw what happened last time with this guy so I said screw it, ship the lewisi before it gets cold and Christmas hits.
Old 12-31-2017, 03:24 AM   #62
And please tell me whyy my Integrity can be questioned ? By asking me how I can be trusted to send the iggy back. Maybe you’re late to the party but I brought this up to fauna Tyjohn just got to BOI before I did because I didn’t know how to get here and post. I’m not computer savvy... but seriously how Hupabany 83 how can you question my integrity?
I’m curious what lies I’ve told or shady characteristic I’ve shown that makes you question my word over this TYjohn? I mean this all started because he tried pulling a fast one and posting a picture of a very beautiful high percentage lewisi and sending me in his defense a Very decent lewisi, but regardless it’s not what I paid for... I’m so confused how my pictures don’t show and justify my argument. As another member pm me and said, “the friends will surely come out of the woods to defend but give it Time kameron and let the evidence speak for itself” and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.
Old 12-31-2017, 03:29 AM   #63
Something I’ve seen far too often over the past few years I’ve been on fauna ( people using others pictires to sell their lewisi . Or posting stolen pics of ty parks breeder pairs as their own and pretending those pics are the parents of the clutch(babies) they are selling) shoot it happened to pat brown last year when I bought from him. Happens all the time....
Old 12-31-2017, 06:16 AM   #64
Originally Posted by kw18 View Post
As another member pm me and said, “the friends will surely come out of the woods to defend but give it Time kameron and let the evidence speak for itself” and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.
What member? I think you are making that up, just like you made up the threats to your seller that you were going to go to your bank, in the screen shots in the first post. Or DID you go to your bank, and they didn't agree with you so you decided to try to whine and bully your way in what appears to be buyer's remorse?

Originally Posted by kw18 View Post
And please tell me whyy my Integrity can be questioned ?
For one thing, you are spewing out a lot of posts, but you still have the $100.

Originally Posted by kw18 View Post
I care about the fact this guy is trying to make me look like some ahole and because I come of like a dick and my info is a “mess” now I’m the bad guy.
No one is doing that to you, you are doing a great job looking like a dick all by yourself.
Old 12-31-2017, 11:21 AM   #65
The timing of your arrival has nothing to do with this. If the OP had provided what you've provided and you had put the evidence that the OP has put forth, I believe that most people would be siding with you, no matter who had gotten here first. I've seen it many times where someone tried to mislead with their post and then the other party showed up with evidence and made it clear what had happened. The key word here is "evidence". You have provided nothing. If you are going to return the $100 that he for some weird reason gave you, why have you not done so? You've had plenty of time to go on rambling whiny posts here, but when it comes time for the rubber to hit the road, you've done nothing. You, like so many, are all bluster and no muster. Good luck being successful in this hobby with that style of business.
Old 12-31-2017, 07:07 PM   #66
What are you talking about JCCS?? I have supplied pictures!

Yeah, so what I lied about paying with credit card! They guy hustled me and I wanted to return the iggy. He wouldn’t return any money at first and i thought I paid with my credit card profile on PayPal but then realized I paid with my linked checking account.

I love how you can sit here and insult me but I can’t defend myself.

The pictures are posted! Please tell me what evidence I can supply to prove it’s not the same animal. As was posted for sale other than pictures! You guys keep hitting me with infractions. Keep calling me Whiny etty/ and whatever else attacking me instead of the situation. So yeah I’m going to ramble and call you out just like tyjohn. You’re not going to bully me into something I know is wrong.

If I had paid with credit card or had got PayPal invoice we wouldn’t be here I’ve said his 10x over already. I’ve taken the blame! I trusted this guy and got screwed. Our original deal was send half and I’ll send iggy. Upon receiving iggy he’d refund the other half. Totally would have been cool with that JCCS... but as my screensshots show 5 minutes later after I deleted my post calling him out (so he could resale the iggy without problems) he tells me he “can’t trust me” because I can delete posts haha well here we are for everyone to see and I don’t see anyone calling a fair deal to return the iggy. Just like I paid upfront with no insurance he can accept my return with no insurance. You’re crazy if you think I’m going to give some guy who scammed me all the leverage and his animal back .

Yes I threatened him with going to my bank and I would have, had I paid with credit card! Something another member brought to my attention when I first called out TYjohn (then deleted my post because he agreed on half money return) ... then went back and offered 100$

I accepted, he sent the 100$ and My wife, few friends got involved and told me I’d be a fool to ship him back and trust this guy to repay me... once again I’ll be posting more pictures. I’ll refund the 100$ to shut you and your fauna posey up! Again I could care less about the money it’s the fact this dude has tried doing me over twice now.
Take your insults and tough guy attitude and infractions else where buddy. You want to buy fromthis tyjohn go ahead.

TYJOHN you’ll get your 100$ back and then what poop do you have to talk about me?

Then what’s your guys argument against me? I’m whiny �� or petty???
I got ripped I have every right to be so get lost with the insults and look at the facts! The pictures!
If you have any other ideas for me to provide substantial evidence for you JCCS please “advice” me boss and I’ll come through with said evidence.
Old 12-31-2017, 07:09 PM   #67
Excuse me didn’t LIE but I did threaten him to go to my bank because I thought I had paid with credit card and like I said another fauna memeber said that’s how he handled a situation like this. I’ll ask his permission to screenshot his pm mssg so I’m not called a liar for no reason again JCCS
Old 12-31-2017, 07:14 PM   #68

Whiny and petty were not insults but descriptions. You did not post anything of consequence. Just "filler" trying to confuse people by inundating the thread with useless information. The fact of the matter is, you paid, you got the iguana, you had buyer's remorse, you somehow finagled the seller into giving you $100 before you sent the iguana back. Now you've decided you are keeping the iguana and have not sent back the money. That's the basic bones of this situation. If you're keeping the iguana and you have not sent the $100, how else is someone to look at it but theft? I'm sorry no one bought your line, but this site has seen many people better than you at it and didn't buy theirs, either.
Old 12-31-2017, 07:15 PM   #69
And luccile I’ll ask said memeber I’d i can post a screenshot of their mssg on here too write yesterday or maybe they’ll write here... you guys are all bullies. Not one of you have looked at the evidence (pictures) you attack my character? Why because I’m upset. Get over it guys. I’m not going to sit here and sugar coat anything. I feel I got ripped and that’s that. I handled how I felt it needed to be handled when dealing with a dishonest person. You don’t treat a home invader/ robber with dinner and desert?
Old 12-31-2017, 07:17 PM   #70
No I posted and made it clear why I had 1 page on a prior deal with tYJOHN ... not to distract or “filler” but to show the whole story from beginning to end and why I don’t trust this guy. ... and I’ve done nothing but took the blame JCCS. I

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