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Board of Inquiry® This forum is provided exclusively for the discussion of specific persons or businesses in the herp industry. YOUR FULL NAME is required for each message you post.

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Old 04-21-2017, 12:22 AM   #31
I also find it ironic that Michael Barrera is here acting as a character witness for Jim, when he himself was convicted of smuggling in 2005 I think. Yet another criminal in Jim's stable of friends. shocking
Old 04-21-2017, 02:01 AM   #32
Originally Posted by tlmoon View Post
I’m trying to decide what to think of this thread…Manny Frade is by all accounts a scammer and person to be avoided. So I would wonder about anyone who does business deals with him and defends him by blocking posts regarding his past deeds.
On the other hand though, how far do we take guilt by association? If Jim got some animals that he was due from a past deal, I don’t see how that makes him a close associate or supporter of Manny. There is another thread where Manny owes someone on a breeding loan. If he now makes good on that and delivers on what he owes to that person, does that person then become questionable because they finally collected on that debt? I think not.
I think the real issue here is this: by tagging Manny and then defending him by removing David’s posts, it looks like Jim was supporting Manny. That may not have been his goal – maybe he just didn’t want the FB group descending into a dramatic argument about Manny. Maybe he was annoyed by David calling him out on it, and instead of saying “yeah, David, I know he’s a bad guy but he owed me some snakes and I didn’t want a whole FB war so I deleted your posts ” he basically said that Manny’s issues are his own and who he associates with is his own business. Maybe he is owed further animals and is trying to keep Manny cooperative and holding up his end of the deal? Or he may have just been somewhat offended – you did come on pretty strong there, David. Maybe by arguing back with you, he was more defending himself than Manny? None of us are at our best when we feel attacked.
I guess I’m on the fence. It’s good information to know in order to avoid associating with associates of scammers, but I don’t see enough evidence to say Jim is a buddy of Manny’s.

To clarify: the posts were not made in a group. The post that Frade was tagged in was on Jim's personal page. The removed comments were also on Jim's personal page, not a group, and not a public post. David also failed to mention that not -all- of his comments were removed [but he may not have realized this, because of being unfriended, since the post -is- friends locked].

I've attached proof.
Attached Images
Old 04-21-2017, 02:27 AM   #33
I failed to mention it because I could no longer see the thread once Jim defriended me, so you would be correct.
Old 04-21-2017, 05:22 AM   #34
Yes, I did unfriend him after he posted that on my page. If David Beard wanted to make me aware of the Manny issues. I feel it should have been done in a person message. I don't need his battles with others to become my battles with others.

So to charity once again. Manny Frade whom owed my on a past deal offered to trade me boas for a past deal. I accepted the boas as payment. I posted pics of some of the animals along with two new male ball pythons that I also received the same day from different a different party.

David do to a past difference with myself. Then thought he needed to make everyone aware that I got these animals from Manny here. So he started this thread on me.

Know I admitted that I have Have sold and purchased animals from Ben Siegel. This was before Ben had his issue with the law. So in closing if you have purchased anything from Ben Siegel auction page? Beware you my have a ridiculous thread posted here about you by David Beard
Old 04-21-2017, 07:36 AM   #35
I am not negating the value of this type of information. What I am asserting is that the BOI is not the correct venue for it. The BOI is for specific instances of documented "misdeeds" brought forth by one of the involved parties. It should not be used for generalized concerns, hearsay, or assumed guilty by association musings. It would be a totally different situation if Unaware Guy A teamed up with Bad Guy A who scammed Hobbyist A, And then Hobbyist A brought it to the BOI. It is not okay (on the BOI) for Hobbyist B to insert himself into the equation and bring up generalized, nonspecific concerns of what could possibly occur in the future. This FB romper room behavior should NOT be allowed on the BOI. It can too quickly degrade an extremely well-run, well-documented, factually-based RESOURCE that is highly necessary and valuable in this hobby. Moderator thoughts?
Old 04-21-2017, 07:55 AM   #36
David, are you just addicted to the endorphins that are stimulated in your brain when you cause drama? I've read a lot of your posts man and you often make a completely non-issue into a damaging post about someone. Why do you do that? Jim didn't do anything wrong, don't you think we should stick together in this hobby instead of tearing everyone down and apart? Shame.
Old 04-21-2017, 08:44 AM   #37
My brain hurts from the lack of actual facts. You know no facts and seem just emotionally hurt ( like in preschool, kids cry when they dont get there way) that Jim deleted comments ofF his PERSONAL page. Lol.
You do not know the details pertaining to why Jim had to get boas from Manny. (PAST DEBT)
You do not know Jim in any transaction involving yourself but are posting third party. (AGAINST RULES)
Jim does not need to tell you. (NOPE HE DOESNT)
He has the right to not do so. You on other hand have no RIGHT to know. (BUT WISH YOU DID)
Manny still owes many debts on animals to many people. (PROBABLY ALOT)
If he owed me money and I can take it in animals I would.

Opinion that may be fact after people read your posts:
You are targeting Jim because you went out of your way to post on his personal page to try to catch someone in something that doesnt exist for the sole purpose of feeling detective like and getting recognition and feeling special. If Jim sold you a boa he got from Manny, and you told him specifically you didnt want to buy a boa that came from Manny then yes, this would be a warranted post on Jim. But its not. Jim just simply collected an old debt.

Jim is best guy in business. He goes above and beyond for people. All you have to do is be by his table at any show he is at, and just listen to him talk to random strangers. He refers people to other vendors that may have something he does not.
He offers to drive your stuff to the airport, he gives kids huge discounts, he offers you food. He is all around a great guy. Like he almost TOO nice lol.

Please keep this on topic, its about Jim/Manny debt. Not about brock/jim/spectre, and not about me. Its about Jims character, and there are lots of people coming out of wood work eventually once someone posts this thread to his friends that will post. 1 deal out of 100s is not gonna make or break him. HE WILL keep doing what he does best, and that is treating people with respect, friendliness, and integrity like always.
Old 04-21-2017, 08:49 AM   #38
Also where are the moderators? This dude has posted about an old deal that has its own thread......he ran out of ammunition and using it here....all meanwhile he has no transaction on either. This is not what BOI is for. Boi is a review site....for transactions gone good or gone bad. Not for character opinions, and not for ASSumptions.
Old 04-21-2017, 08:57 AM   #39
Originally Posted by Snakesatsunset View Post
You do not know Jim in any transaction involving yourself but are posting third party. (AGAINST RULES)
I do not believe providing BOI information about a specific person that one is not involved in a transaction with is against any rule. The moderators themselves post BOI threads about various scammers on the site they have uncovered, for the benefit of the community here.
Originally Posted by Snakesatsunset View Post

Please keep this on topic, its about Jim/Manny debt. Not about brock/jim/spectre
Once a thread about a specific person has been initiated, accounts of other transactions, and readers opinions, are on topic, as they allow for more informed decisions. After all, you yourself are adding your own opinion, and that helps inform readers as well:
Originally Posted by Snakesatsunset View Post
Jim is best guy in business.
Old 04-21-2017, 09:26 AM   #40
Herpin Man
Years ago, a friend of mine introduced two of his friends to each other- a rodent breeder, and a rodent buyer. The rodent buyer got some rodents from the rodent breeder, but for some reason, failed to pay for them. At a subsequent show, an uninvolved friend of the rodent breeder demanded that my friend pay for the rodents himself, since he was the one that introduced the two. When my friend declined to do so, the uninvolved friend of the rodent breeder suggested that a fistfight between all those involved (or uninvolved) would be in order. Fortunately, he did not follow through.

I know it's a bit off topic, but this thread made me think of that event.

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