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Board of Inquiry® This forum is provided exclusively for the discussion of specific persons or businesses in the herp industry. YOUR FULL NAME is required for each message you post.

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Old 04-03-2004, 05:55 PM   #1
Keith Northrop
Robert Sloan of Dallas, TX

I am looking for information detailing any business you have had with Robert Sloan of Dallas, TX. He appears to be into various snakes species.
Old 04-04-2004, 03:23 AM   #2
Anonymous replied to my ad for a male PH Patternless atrox

I usually try to be pretty nice to everyone - even people who rub me the wrong way but this guy really pi$$ed me off - I'd like to hear more about your experience Keith. Here is how the conversation went -

I'm about to put up for sale/trade seven adult patternless C. atrox. I have the only known adult males in captivity. Any interest ?

Yes - please send me more details & pix. What is your name? Thank you...

I will have pics this week sometime and will send them ASAP.

I will sell lone males for $3,500 - lone fems @ $1,500 and pairs that have probably already bred @ $5,000. These pairs should produce this year. I have not seen them actually hooked up, but I cool them together and there has been a great deal of activity thus far; a lot of combat, jerking and paralelling. I will also consider trades for comparable animals. Let me know and I'll get you pics


Can you give me more info. on the history of these animals? How did the bloodline originate? Did you start the bloodline? Did you produce the Patternless adults that are available? Do you have a website or can you provide more info. on yourself - where are you located, etc.? Thanx - I am seriously interested.....


The original patternless I had were wild caught by a guy who just liked to collect rattlers. He made belts, hatbands and wallets out of the hides and ate the meat. He is dead now, but he showed me the four den areas where they came from. The 7.5 I have now I collected myself in these den areas. The 2.4 I'm selling were collected as small sub adults and raised by me. I bred my older specimens one time and all my females dropped about 100 babies. I could not give them away so I stopped breeding them. When they came up from cooling, I'd separate the males and the females. This year I left them together. I am located in Dallas, Texas right now, but am moving to Del Rio at the end of this month. I have a lot of people interested so if you are wanting any of these, you need to act fast. I will have pics this weekend and can send them to you. I know that I do have the only known male patternless to exist in captivity. A good breeding project would be a male albino to a female patternless. Snow atrox would be cool ! I personally do not keep a lot of hot snakes, but my partner does. Let me know and I'll get you pics ASAP. Thanks


Please shoot me out some pix. As I said, I am interested. I'm short on cash at the moment. I did just hatch some Dbl. Het. Snow Monocled Cobras though. I don't know what kind of other HOT snakes your partner keeps but we may be able to work something out there. I have one male left. Who is your partner. No offense but I will need some type of reference as I have been digging for info. on all types of HOT mutations & have never heard of anyone having such a large group of these guys. Do you know Tim Cole in Austin, TX? Do you have any other type of colour or pattern mutations of WDBs (or other HOT snakes for that matter)? Thanx....looking forward to hearing from you....

What is your last name Bob?


First of all....I do not subject myself to a background check to sell snakes. Either you want them or you don't - makes no difference to me either way ! If you are that paranoid and you don't really have the $$$ to buy from me or the animals to trade that were in my list, for me to keep answering these e-mails with more questions each time - is a waste of my time. When and if you get ready to buy - let me know and I can provide you with whatever you need to put your mind at ease. These patternless atrox are as common as dirt. Tim Cole and several others want you to think they are rare and that they possess the only ones in captivity. That is horse$hit to say the least. At this point I'm probably just going to keep mine and breed them and flood the market with babies so all of you doubting Thomas' can basically kiss my a$$. Talk is cheap. If you want to buy you have my price - if not - don't waste any more of my time or yours with a lot of stupid questions ! Thanks for your interest.


Like I am stupid enough to send just anyone $3,500 in hopes that I am going to actually get a Patternless atrox. You won't even tell me your last name, you don't advertise, & apparently your story won't check out at all. I have been in this game way too long to be scammed by blowhard like you. If they are really available, why are they not posted.? Why are there no pictures? I'm sure I'm not the only person smart enough to not send you any money until there is some kind of proof that this is not one of the scams that a$$holes w/ attitudes try to pull all the time w/ people they actually believe are that f*cking gullable. Sell your promises elsewhere. I already have Patternless & Het. Patternless females. Flood the market - I double-dog dare you....

A$$holes like you don't even have $3,500 that is why I grew tired of answering all your stupid questions. See how much those are worth if ever you breed them, cause after this year they won't be worth the price of a tanned snake hide ! I will sell mine for $100 each on this fall !!! Hope you paid a LOT of $$$ for yours.

Good luck w/ production this year. I hope you do sell them for $100/ea. - don't think I won't find a ghost buyer to buy them all up. I definately wouldn't send you any money directly. I would have someone local to you buy them up after actually seeing them. I imagine that would make your scam impossible to pull off!! So I'm sure your ad will never be posted because I know your story - you are a liar. You have twelve Patternless (which you have had for yrs.) and you don't have any pix at all to back it up - right. Go buy a disposable camera & take some pix. When you get the film developed, you can get the pix burned right onto a computer disk @ the photo lab. Load them up & post them on kingsnake. That won't happen 'cause you don't have $hit do you Bob?
Old 04-04-2004, 05:57 PM   #3
I was sent an anonymous tip that may help....

I was told that Louis Porras in Sandy ,Utah or Ric Blair of Salt Lake City have both been ripped off by this guy.
Old 04-07-2004, 02:26 AM   #4
Tim Cole
Not born yesterday!

Interesting thread going here. Especially, since my name has come up.
Bob, I've never heard of you and would certainly not buy animals sight unseen from you. You're so wrong about Michael, it makes me laugh. He drove to my house in Texas from Ohio to buy some snakes from me. And you say he's not serious!
As far as patternless atrox go. I've done my homework and have PICTURES, VIDEO, WITNESSES, AND DOCUMENTATION
for my animals which have produced F3 animals. All of the patternless I have KNOWN of have not successfully bred until mine produced.
I'm not saying yours haven't, but these days you need to prove yourself due to scammers out there. Asking for proof is not unreasonable. It's forums like this that prove my point! You can ask what you want, but people are going to check up on you and want references. Since this thread started
I 've heard interesting rumours about who you are and this info would definitely keep me from trusting you.
Lots of people out there selling anmals they do not have. Can you blame people for being careful? If these animals were so common, a lot more would be in collections.
Old 04-07-2004, 03:58 AM   #5
Intense Herpetoculture
I've come to a conclusion regarding Robert Sloan, either he has one of the most impressive herp collections in the world, or he is full of sh*t. So far to my knowledge he has claimed to have large amounts on patternless atrox, a LTC pair of Fea Vipers, an Albino Gila monster, a leusistic Mexican Milk Snake, among various other herps. Yet is unable to provide pics of any of these animals, especially the ones he is selling for $5,000 a pair, the patternless atrox! He is a known rip off, lair, and is also known to harbor illegal herps! He he inquired about the sale of various protected species, which in it's self raises a red flag. Every time I meet and/or talk to someone about him, I just hear negative words come out of their mouth. If he really does have these patternless atrox, well, I just lost a bet I made with a friend. Robert, we all know more about you then you think, we know about your scams, we know that you live in an apartment in Dallas, we know your past dealings relating to herps and taxidermy. It is our business to be well informed in any animals we may be investing in.
Old 04-07-2004, 07:39 AM   #6
A good breeding project would be a male albino to a female patternless. Snow atrox would be cool !
It sure would be, but that would take an anerythristic not a patternless. If you're going to make a living selling morphs you don't really have you need to learn these things.
...or you could just do the reptile community a favor and stick your face in the atrox cage.
Old 04-07-2004, 01:40 PM   #7
An Albino Gila huh?

That is a good one!! Just proves my point that you can't back up anything you say & that your word is about as worthless as a wooden nickel!! Post pix of the Albino Gila (or the group of 12 patternless atrox) & I will apologize publically. I doubt that is going to happen 'cause we have your number - the gig is up. Your name is synonymous w/ thieving liar. I wonder why it is that you won't meet Keith to sell him the pair of Patternless that he has offered to buy from you?? I guess your scam won't work under those circumstances huh?
Old 04-28-2004, 06:23 PM   #8
Keith Northrop
Well, we recieved an amazing response to Bob Sloan and did a fir amount of research on him. He has ripped off many people in both the reptiles and taxidermy. Here are a few links pretaining to him (sorry webslave, too many for screen shots).

There are many more, but you get the picture. We were interested in buying a pair of Patternless atrox that he claimed he had, but despite several months of e-mails and calls, no photos. We believe that he was trying to:

1.) Try to rip us off somehow.

2.) Check our facility out and steal our collection.

3.) He just could not help himself, and lies just keep pouring out of his mouth.

In his e-mails (sorry, I do not still have them) and conversations on the phone he has claimed to have the following:

Patternless atrox
Leusistic atrox
Albino atrox
Melanistic atrox
Piebald atrox
Patternless Albino atrox
Albino Gila Monster
Fea Viper
Leusistic Mexican Milksnake
and the list goes on and on!!!

Now either he has the most impressive (and unknown) collection known to man, or..........he thinks I'm an idiot to believe him. Now, we gave him the chance to sell us a pair of Patternless atrox for $5,000 for the pair, but he never sent pics and we were not going to let him just walk into our facility, let alone waste anymore time on him unless we knew he had the snakes in his hands. Despite months of beating around the bush on his part, no pics. Then, today I get this e-mail from him:


Just a heads up..........I sold all six patternless - 4.2 and the fems
were bred to a guy in Europe. That export permit finally paid off. I got
$1,000 each ! I also have 17 newly collected this year and my original
12. All of my females are bred and the 10 wild caught are also probably
bred since they do so right out of the den !!! I look to have between
100-250 babies this year. Look for them on in the fall for
$50 each ! Happy breeding AS**HOLE !"

He lies, is a known theif, and will rip you off in a heart beat. If I understand correctly he is either moving out of the state, or to Del Rio, so watch out. His your collections from him and please do not send any cash to him!!!! I wish I would have saved the past e-mails from him, but they were not worth my time and effort any longer.
Old 06-02-2004, 08:23 PM   #9
Intense Herpetoculture
So Bob, now that you are reading this, why don't you explain yourself? I mean, you did attempt to rip off several people and you seem to be successful in a couple siutations.
Old 06-02-2004, 10:01 PM   #10
Earl H. Turner
Thumbs down Bob Sloan....I cannot tell a Lie ????

Bob must get confused...without my knowledge, he used my name as a reference in his business e-mails to some individuals...these people contacted me to let me know of this use without my knowledge or permission...I would not have given my permission !! He told me he had a mind boggling collection--surely larger and with more rarities than any zoological park Herpetarium ! Recently, he tried to purchase a beautiful female alterna which I collected on Juno road....he stated that he didn't have any snakes other than alternas !!!! I have no idea what happened to the fabulous collection he had and described to Michael Joleiff , Keith Northrup and Tim Cole. I guess the collection must have disappeared ??!! I do not understand why a person of his shortcomings wishes to verbally abuse and in some cases ,threaten individuals simply because they are honest and have questions regarding a possible purchase....I personally know two of these individuals and their words are "golden", they are honest beyond reproach.... Bob, you could learn a lot from these individuals about truth and honesty.... ask your physician about Prozac ....supposedly works for depression; telling the truth....honesty.... I think must folks are born with these traits....have a wonderful and productive evening, E.Turner

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