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Canadian Board of Inquiry® This forum is provided exclusively for the discussion of specific persons or businesses in the Canadian herp industry. YOUR FULL NAME is required for each message you post.

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Old 03-12-2010, 07:14 PM   #111
WOW Sam ....all I asked for is proof that you went to the cops like YOU said you were going to post ..... I have no idea why you seem to think this has anything to do with Grant .....I have not once brought up Grants name but you seem to think I have some big issue with him .... I don't ....not at all .... Why are you bringing up old issues like the CRBE ???? Not once has this come up with me talk about off topic and child like behavior .....

I dont care if its the RCMP or TPS or who ever you go to the fact of the matter is you have NOT posted the documentation you said you were going to ,to prove that you pressed charges and got a restraining order against Bry ..... Its on you to prove what happened not Bry to prove it didnt claim what Bry did was criminal and that he assaulted your employee and if he did there would be charges filed said you were filing a restraining order do that you need paper work ...where is that ?

You have made serious accusations against a person that need to be proven not just to me but to a fair number of people to be able to hold your own head up high me all names you want me down all you want ........I think your the one in questions here .....

You were the one that came one here not 30 mins once you got to the shop after this alleged assault happened instead of tending to your employee .... Why would you do that ? This is by your time line ......Doesnt make sense to me .....Your employee is freaked yet your posting on the BOI ? Your to busy to with the expo to talk to the cops that day but you take your employee out for lunch for 2 hrs ??? Whats up with that ? Why not talk with the cops and send your employee home for the day if he had such a traumatic morning....There just seems allot of things that dont add up for me .....but it just could be me since I am such ...what was it ...." ignorant & ridiculous "
Old 03-12-2010, 07:38 PM   #112
Originally Posted by Nett View Post
you claim what Bry did was criminal and that he assaulted your employee and if he did there would be charges filed said you were filing a restraining order do that you need paper work ...where is that ?
Oh it even worth trying anymore?

I'm not even gonna repeat it.
Old 03-12-2010, 07:39 PM   #113
Originally Posted by JimD View Post
Dont blame her Sam.

She can't understand normal thinking.
Another sheeple
Old 03-12-2010, 07:41 PM   #114
It is very clear you and Ruth have a vendetta against the same company Bry was making those libel remarks about, and have taken this opportunity to attack as well.
You clearly know all the facts are laid out and who is at fault, yet you keep a blind eye, to drive your fury with the company mentioned. Such childish ways! LOL.

I've received numerous emails from those in the community to simply ignore the two of you, and that's a FACT.
Sam, indeed you are mistaken. I actually find it quite amusing that you feel so challenged by my comments in this thread that you now post something as ridiculous as this. Personal vendetta? Really? Fury? Now that is comical. Your imagination runs a little wild here and is fed by something other than reality.

That I choose to disassociate myself from Expos in Southern Ontario that I feel do not support Canadian Breeders and Canadian captive bred animals is a personal choice, not a vendetta. I fail to see the connection between my non-attendance at Expos and speaking up in support of The Anti Venin Bank and it’s usefulness within the reptile community in Ontario.

What I will add to this thread is that I have spoken with Joe Puglisi last week and have a much better understanding of the overall framework of the Bank and what monies donated are used for. It was an enlightening and educational conversation and made me aware even more so, that speaking out in this thread to separate the alleged actions by Bry Loyst from the purpose and usefulness of the Bank was the right thing to do. Joe seems very dedicated in his role as spokesperson for the Bank, and yes, Bry’s role within the Bank is a vital one as he is the only person qualified to assist when the need arises.

As someone so nicely summed this whole situation up to me after reading this thread last week…the whole incident from the very beginning smacks of “testosterone” and who has more of it. I tend to agree and would not have reposted again in this thread had you not called me back in to correct your silly remarks. Petty politics within the reptile community at this stage no longer interests me; only serious issues deserve my time, and the slamming of the Anti Venin Bank is one of those. Your personal feud with Bry Loyst isn’t.

There is no vendetta against anyone…I simply choose to follow my own path in this hobby; it’s much more enjoyable that way.

Ruth Hanney
Old 03-12-2010, 07:56 PM   #115
Reptile Kings
Yes you are "ignorant and ridiculous".

I don't see any reason why I have to explain how we handled the situation, but this one time I will:

I closed the shop down for 1hr and took my employee out for lunch. The cops said it'd be a while before they were able to come to the store. The TPS 32 division were extremely busy that day.

After calming him down, we NEEDED TO GET PACKING for the expo. I mean he didn't get knifed or shot in the head or anything. He did get assaulted by being pushed and shoved, but he was able to put himself together quickly and help with the expo preparations.

The cops were so busy that we had to cancel the call around 7pm, cause I had to get back home and start packing more items and get the 16ft truck from the depot. So we had to cancel. We then went to the show the next day (Sunday) and we were there all day, so we didn't call the police to come back. We called them back on Monday. They suggested we go to the 32 division instead of waiting for the officers, so we did, and that's where we provided them with all the info.

And yes, I certainly came on here soon after I arrived at the store. My employee was on the phone with cops after he had filled me in, and I was soooo super pissed about Bry's actions that felt that many should be aware of the LOOSE CANNON that he is.

What's it to you when I posted what? You're missing the bigger picture as always Nett.

If YOU READ MY EARLIER POST it mentions that without the police report I cannot get a restraining order on him. You can't just get a restraining order on him that easily. You need reasons! And you can't just go to the police for that. You have to go visit the justice of the peace.

And since I don't have the report I do not have a restraining order in place. But in the meantime he will still be charged for trespassing at my store and any expo I attend.

This paperwork will take time as I have mentioned MANY MANY MANY MANY times!

Talking to you is such a waste of time, and I'm no longer going to humor you.

You have already shown everyone here how foolish you sound, and I'm not going to lower myself to your level simply because you can't sink in the facts.

I have so many other important things to do with my day than to simply constantly answer to you. You simply take arguments in a never ending circle. It's the same damn questions over and over again from you.

I'm done with you.
Old 03-12-2010, 08:08 PM   #116
Reptile Kings
Great to hear of your personal choices in this hobby Ruth. I personally don't care.

Anyways I'll mention again, whoever wants to donate to the AV Bank, that's fine by me. That's NOT what this is about. My goodness are you both deaf in the ears??
Don't lose sight of what this thread is really about.

And you think your posts are challenging to me? How can they be, when you have no idea what is going on! LOL.

You and Nett have clearly shown everyone the lack of understanding you have regarding this whole incident. You both have gone way off topic several times.

Neither one of you deserves any further response.
Old 03-12-2010, 08:08 PM   #117
Originally Posted by Mettle View Post
Since you apparently missed this, here it is for you:

Things also might work differently in the province of Ontario up here in Canada than they do down in Texas. Maybe in Texas assaults are considered a "simple incident" because of other high levels of crime? Not sure.
I didn't miss anything and if you read my post then you should have comprehended this-
On the flip side sometimes the law is slow and maybe the report isn't ready yet
I have no idea what levels of what crime are committed in Canada but I know that an incident such as the one that Reptile Kings says happened would not be considered a high profile crime and any "investigation" would not take long at all since all parties involved are known to each other etc. At most it would take a day or two. Why exactly do you think it would take so long to complete the "investigation"? Unless of course the police up where you live have so many other more important things to deal with that something like this gets put on the back burner (which is exactly what I suggested).
Old 03-12-2010, 08:20 PM   #118
Reptile Kings
A day or two??? LOL Give me a break!

32 division is one of the busiest detachments here.

Do you and Nett have a police / law background? Cause you sure seem to know all the procedures here, even when one of you doesn't even RESIDE IN CANADA!

You both seem to think you know the law. So sad. I'll tell you right now you clearly don't...
Old 03-12-2010, 09:29 PM   #119
Originally Posted by Reptile Kings View Post
Neither one of you deserves any further response.
Stick to that, Sam! You don't need to waste your time with petty comments from petty individuals. I'm sure Annette and Ruth will in the near future make their big donations to Bry's AV Bank (since they find it to be such a crucial thing to have and all) and they'll all ride off into the sunset together, the best of friends. And Joe will provide us with the photoshopped proof.

I'm also sure we'll be hearing from Bry again soon so that he can deny the accusations put forward against him since he seemingly forgot to do that in his two earlier posts in this thread.
Old 03-12-2010, 09:59 PM   #120
Bry Loyst
A few good friends have asked me to comment on the numerous controversial postings. I don't think it will make any difference but here is my final comment on this topic..... "let me assure you that I did not assault anyone."My life is "Reptiles " they are much more predictable than people. Hit the link below and you will understand my main concerns.

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