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Old 07-16-2012, 04:43 AM   #11
Brandy Pecanic
Originally Posted by A&S Reptiles View Post
This is ridiculous. I'm getting a bad guy because I sold a problem feeder? Having her for 6 months is not flipping. I bought her and another normal that was a proven breeder from the breeder Dan Solis. Both ate fine in his care. Then the smaller normal (the one you bought) hadn't eaten. She gave me problems and being a college student I didn't have time for it. I wanted her to go to somehow who had the time and resources to get her to eat regularly. Flagstaff is a small town and it takes 10 minutes to drive from one end to the other. I don't have access to mice or asf. Hence selling her. I don't understand how I am getting a bad guy thread for selling a snake I didn't have the resources for. And no, Dan Solis will not be involved in this. But we bought them In August/September and the other girl is currently back on feed from her clutch a month ago.
I'd say it's valid, who wants that? Are you kidding me right now, some of the stuff outta your mouth is just wrong. You should not be owning snakes girl!

Samantha, I don't suggest a space-heater'd room. Recipe for disaster is what's on the menu with that!

Sell a snake that hasn't eaten in 5 months. Holy Christmas!

Originally Posted by A&S Reptiles View Post
Funny because me and my boyfriend Aaron remember exactly telling you that she was a sketch feeder over text and in person. We were totally going to give you her feed card but sadly we forgot and Aaron was in a rush and he was late for work because he wanted to meet you two. Ask any person I have sold snakes to, I give them their feed cards. Even shipped one with a snake before. We just spaced out yours and I apologize. As I said we were in a rush getting Aaron to work on time. Over those 5 months I didn't considering her "feeding" because she had a rat here and there. That's not feeding in my opinion.

I can not believe your suggestion was to sell her Samantha, I am shocked that I just read that. That snake needs some help. It sounds like you are juggling too much in your personal life; College and Home Depot Cashier? I think you should seriously consider, maybe letting your animals have a better life with someone else? Just my thoughts.

Samantha, since I met Tom a year and a half ago, I stay home full-time with Tom's animals; it's insane what I have to go through to make sure everybody "clicks like a clock" he always tells me. It's insane! Ball Pythons can give you a run for your money! I'll vouch for that! If you ain't got time, money, patience, passion, if you don't have the access to an abundance of various types of rodents.... don't even bother sister! Tom freaks out at various snakes, at various times of the year, I have learned a lot from his stress! You will get drilled into the ground by a colony of Ball Pythons is what I have learned. Any snakes for that matter Tom is constantly telling me. He tells me Kingsnakes and other types are even more maintenance, I couldn't handle it, and I am full-time, stay at home, mommy to 50 adults or so.. It's rough stuff! Kudos to those who make it happen.

Daniel, Tom offered to help you properly, I suggest you get him that snake for what he suggested, ASAP. I have seen Tom fix some severely injured animals, and some on deaths door, for sure! And, he will do it for free, I'm sure!
Old 07-16-2012, 04:46 AM   #12
I do have to say...Samantha, the way your information adds up, is kinda wonky.

The whole small prey cuz she refuses anything bigger....but she eats big enough meals to gain 100 grams after 3 feedings, just doesn't seem right.

So basically you had her for 6 months....but she was off food for 5 of those months? or am I just
Old 07-16-2012, 04:48 AM   #13
gain 1000 grams**** bah
Old 07-16-2012, 04:52 AM   #14
Originally Posted by Brandy Pecanic View Post

I can not believe your suggestion was to sell her Samantha, I am shocked that I just read that. That snake needs some help.
I agree are fairly new to this game right Samantha? The fact that your solution is to sell the snake when it is in need of some help, is NOT a good way to start in this hobby.
Old 07-16-2012, 04:57 AM   #15
Brandy Pecanic
Originally Posted by Willow View Post
I do have to say...Samantha, the way your information adds up, is kinda wonky.

The whole small prey cuz she refuses anything bigger....but she eats big enough meals to gain 100 grams after 3 feedings, just doesn't seem right.

So basically you had her for 6 months....but she was off food for 5 of those months? or am I just
I am super confused too Willow! Something is definitely not right.

Here is a link to some other antics of Samantha. She is definitely a problem in my book:
Old 07-16-2012, 05:01 AM   #16
Heated rooms are not a bad thing, Done properly regulated with thermostat will not be a disaster waiting to happen.

Some forget the big guys keep the rooms 88-90 all year long. it actually cuts down the cost of running heat tape and other heating elements when room temps are cool.
Old 07-16-2012, 05:17 AM   #17
A&S Reptiles
Excuse me Daniel but you haven't talked to me about 5 months besides when you asked what the girl was eating. The butter is eating just fine on her own. Hence my ad saying slamming rats. I'd take a video of her eating but honestly? Not worth my time. You are the only disgruntled customer I have ever had. Everyone else is happy.

Willow I have owned ball pythons for 5 years now. No I am not new. The snake would have suffered more in my care not having access to mice or asf. So I should have kept her and hoped for the best? Tons of people sell problem feeders.

Brandy, I don't really care if you are a stay at home mommy or not. Good for you, do not tell me how I should live my life or care for my animals as plenty of people have seen my snakes. So you can just stop commenting now as this has NOTHING to do with you or Tom unless you guys talked Daniel into posting this. Since you guys are friends and all.

CJ Hall, Pedro Soto, David Graf, Ceribdis Cree, Tiffany Haas and Amanda Lynn Snyder are a few happy customers of mine. Ask any of them. And I keep in touch with about half of them, which are the local people. Even get happy updates and such. Besides this, I'm doing just fine with my snakes and nobody has the right to tell me I should get out of them and "give them better homes".
Old 07-16-2012, 05:25 AM   #18
People disclose information about problem feeders when they sell them. Your attitude here isn't going to help you any either. The information you texted about this snake seems to be false as well.

Didn't eat for 5 gained 1000 grams in 1 month of feeding small meals???? This information seems very very unlikely.

You say in your texts that she ate every now and then during the 6 months...but then you say she has gone 5 months straight without which is it?? You cannot have it both ways

So maybe you should relax and explain yourself with a little less attitude, because atm you are coming off as a liar trying to cover their tracks.
Old 07-16-2012, 05:32 AM   #19
I'd like to say I know no one involved in this, nor have I bought from anyone that has posted here...even tho I am in AZ...I am totally unbias to this. The way you handled yourself in those texts leaves much to be desired, and your suggested solution to one of your customers who was asking for help, is pretty distasteful as well = /
Old 07-16-2012, 05:32 AM   #20
A&S Reptiles
Eating once a month for 5 months is not a feeding snake in my opinion. So when he asked how long she went, I said 5 months because it was on her terms. Which for her was roughly once a month. It's his word against mine. I told him she was not a consistent feeder. Whether he remembers that or not is not my fault. He is just frustrated because he can't get her to eat. At least she ate about 8 times in my care over 6 months. She ate three times in a row before we sold her. Which is what baby ball pythons starting out eat, three times before being shipped. So if a baby ball stops eating its the sellers fault?

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