Bonita Galas!! THE BEST!!!!!

Author Subject: Bonita Galas!! THE BEST!!!!!
Cynora Posted At 17:08:59 10/25/2000
Just to let all know, there is a lady in Florida, her name is Bonita Galas, she is the GREATEST person in the world! I LOVE her! Everything I have ever gotten form her (alot of stuff) has been healthy, happy and top of the line. Her prices are good, but best of all, she is always there to help. Her animals are properly represented, 100 % guaranteed and she loves them. She isn't out there to "just make a buck". her animals come first! You can always count on getting what you pay for and GREAT tech support afterwards. She has become a big sister to me:) I hope I can do as good a job as she does, she is someone to set your standards by!
Mike Theurer Re: Bonita Galas!! THE BEST!!!!! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:14:41 10/25/2000

I agree 100% with Cynora all the reptiles she has are top notch and she answers all questions above and beyond the call .She is one classy lady and her business dealings are beyond reproach.I conside her a good friend and a credit to the business!!!!!!!!!!
Dawn Re: Bonita Galas!! THE BEST!!!!! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 07:07:01 10/30/2000

I agree...I've purchased several corns from her, and they are all healthy and doing great! I would purchase from her anytime!

Ginny Re: Bonita Galas!! THE BEST!!!!!
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