(INQUIRY) Striker Herps Strikerhrp@aol.com

Author Subject: (INQUIRY) Striker Herps Strikerhrp@aol.com
Bill Ryder Posted At 18:12:39 02/20/2001
"Howie" of Striker Herps

Considering a deal with him. Anyone have any experiences to report?

Just Reptiles Re: (INQUIRY) Striker Herps Strikerhrp@aol.com (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:24:12 02/21/2001

I have known Howie for a couple of years now. I purchased an adult pair of DiamondXCarpets that were beautiful!, I also purchased a trio of sub adult Ghost Bulls that were also beautiful. I also purchased a pair of adult Okeetee Corns, and a male Ghost Corn, they were great also! The snakes were exactly as he described them to me. They were sexed correctly and were shipped when he said he would. You can't go wrong with Howie, he's a good guy!
Tim Madsen Re: (INQUIRY) Striker Herps Strikerhrp@aol.com
Posted At 14:59:53 03/16/2001

I've known Howie for a number of years. He is one of the finest people you will meet in the herp trade. All of his herps are top notch.
Dan Nedrelo Re: (INQUIRY) Striker Herps Strikerhrp@aol.com
3404.html Posted At 23:03:24 05/16/2001

Howie is personable (we became friends after just one deal) and accessible. Howie, if you read this, I promise to get that Wisconsin cheese to you asap!
Plus, the quality of his stock is as described.
Fine person, fine livestock, fine experience.

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